Thursday, October 29, 2009

Not Hungry, Crabby!

Today is one of those days where I feel like a fucking babysitter. Grown men calling in their hours, "Oh and do I need to fill out some paperwork?" Um yeah stupid, you do need to fill out some paperwork if you want to get a check. What was your start date? "Um......" You're a fucking idiot. I can't deal with your stupidity. Call me back when you grow a brain!

I opened this post to write about all the cute things QM is doing and saying, YES saying. But now it is tainted with my hatorade and I will have to save that for anther time when it is written with LOVE. Right now, it would be dripping with explitives because I'm in that kind of mood.

Monday, August 17, 2009

I did not take 3 naps this weekend with out any guilt.

I did not leave the children in my husband's hands while I layed my arse on the couch and slept.

I wouldn't dream of leaving Mikabella in a very wet diaper because I was too lazy to change it, at least until she sat that wet diaper on my face.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mikabella's First Twins Game

Our Family

Amma and Mikabella

Mommy and Kermit

Todd and Mikabella

My mom's cousin was in town over Mother's day weekend. He was on his way to a meeting in Kansas City, but planned his trip so he could spend a few days with us in Minnesota. The last time he was in MN was 29 years ago. We were really glad to have him and it was great to see him. The last time I had see him was 19 years ago when his brother got married in Washington. We went out there for the wedding.

So he was here from Thursday to Monday morning. Saturday we had a big get together at our house. We had everyone over. I cooked a giant ham and made way too much food. On top of that everyone brought food. I had too much to begin with, then we added more, then everyone died of over indulgence. The End. I had a table of hor'dourves, ham, mashed potatos, hot dishes, desserts, bread, etc. We all hung out and caught up with Uncle Danny. It was such a nice afternoon. Then later before everyone went home, Amma set up the old slide projector in our office. Doesn't sound like a bad plan, however, once everyone got in there the room was packed. We had 13 or 14 people in our office. That's a lot of peole to fit comfortably. But it was cozy, and we had a great time. We were laughing so hard at some of the old slides. There were pictures of Grandma and Grandpa's old 'davenport' and a cow in Sweden, that for some reason Auntie and I were crying laughing at the 'Swedish Cow'. You know because Swedish Cows are really different from other cows. You could tell it was Swedish by the say it said Tack så mycket, and the way he liked his nude beaches.

We went through slide after slide after slide. Some had old pictures old pictures of Amma, and her sisters. Some were of their Christmas' as a family. Some were just very random. But there were ALL very funny and of course each had a story. We sat crammed into that room for hours and hours laughing as a family. It was funny to see baby pictures of Amma. Mikabella looks exactly like her, and so do I from my baby pictures. It was uncanny.

Amma, Wendolyn, Uncle Danny and Auntie and Chris all spent the night Saturday night. Sunday Auntie and Chris had to leave to go and spend the day with his family. Uncle Danny and I ran to Coborn's for some breakfast stuff and I gave him a little tour of our town. We made a big breakfast and got ready to go to the Twins game. It just so happened that the Twins were playing the Mariners, Uncle Danny's team. Wanette came down and went with us. We had such a great time, even though the Twins lost. Mikabella was feeling a bit under the weather since she was teething. It actually worked in to our favor. She sat really good the whole game, even took a little nap. It was long day being there but totally worth dragging both the kids to it.

Friday, August 14, 2009

A Very BIG* Weekend Planned

So this weekend we have BIG* plans! They include (in no particular order):

Husking, Cutting and Freezing many, many, many ears of sweet corn.

Possibly looking at a rental home (you know, for if the fate God's allow our house to sell. I feel like we are tempting fate in to kicking us in the gut, by even looking, but Todd wants to go. So I've emailed the guy, and we wait.)

Possibly going to the lake with my mom. Todd does not want to go. I could go either way (that is go or stay home). Mom wants to go, kids... they will do whatever we say. :o)



I will most definitely think about packing (NOTE: I will not actually pack anything. I will wonder around the house and think to myself "How are we ever going to move out of this house? There is SO MUCH STUFF! Packing it all will take forever and I......")

There is a slight possibility of going north to watch our friend race his cars, but that is really slim. It's just, well, that would take some planning and I have a feeling we won't get there from here, but we just might. You never know.

There will most definitely be eating and sleeping and putting the kids back into their cages at night. They sleep better in there.

So really all in all, we probably won't get much done this weekend. But it's gonna be hot and well, I don't really want to do much of anything.

*And by BIG I mean really normal everyday unimportant things to be done.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Getting Closer

We are finally getting closer to an answer on our house. We finally know that there may be an end to the madness soon. But I'm still not putting all my eggs in that basket. I'm trying to actually ignore it all. Otherwise I spend way to much time "What If-ing".

I also don't spend anytime thinking about moving (UGH!) or where we will live next, or how long we will live there, or about the next house we want to build. I'm trying to do this one step at a time, or it's too overwhelming. It comes up in passing between Todd and I, but we don't really look at anything because if we did and we found something that was perfect and we loved it, by the time we know when we will move, it will be gone and we will be sad.

So for now, we have beers on the deck and talk about it in the abstract. Like it's happening to someone else or on TV. I can't wait to move on and move out, but I also still really love our house. I just wish it was on more land and MUCH cheaper. Lesson learned, risk taken, money spent, good times had, time to move on.

We are constantly putting more irons in to our fire. Like we don't have enough to do. We both work full time, try to raise 2 kids, try to sell our house, we have a new venture we started that is sometimes part time, sometimes full time, Todd is also going to take a few classes on line and add to our already busy schedule. He's going to go in to business for him self again (see above where he works full time, that full time is also Self Employed.) We're just adding a 2nd business to our resume, or adding to the amount of things his Self Employedness is already doing. We'll probably opt for "another business". But we'll see. Either way, it's just more to do and keep track of on a daily, weekly, monthly scale.

I love being busy and having lots to do, but it gets very overwhelming when there is SO.MUCH.OF.IT. So that's why I talk about things more in the abstract. I step back and look at it from the outside. It's happening over there, and we're watching it. We really are taking it day by day. We don't plan to far ahead and we don't look back.

Sometimes I'm amazed how well Todd and I are getting along. We have a TON of stress right now, but neither one of us is freaking out on the other. We are rolling with the punches, know that this is just one chapter of our lives and we'll soon put it to a close and start again. We have been through tough times before and last time, we did not handle it as well. When the going got tough, I went to my dads. I would run away, so we didn't fight, but it was always waiting for me when I got home (unresolved conflict.) We fought, we yelled, we threw things, we did not do well. This time, SO.MUCH.BETTER! I'm glad to see that after 6 years, 2 kids, 2 houses, 5 jobs, and countless vehicles, we have learned how to be adults and rely on each other for the hard parts.

So here's to you honey. Thanks for always having my back, and being the other half of me so I don't have to do all of this alone. I love you!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me Monday

I did not pawn my kids off on my father-in-law so I could have a few more beers with my husband at the fair.

I wouldn't dream of laughing at my son when they had to stop the roller coaster because he was crying and afraid.

I didn't threaten KM with bodily harm if he did not lay down and take a nap.

I did not pretend to be asleep at 2.30 am when my husband and a friend got home from the bar because I didn't want to talk to him. I also did not purposely leave them sleep in when I knew they should be up so they could go lay stone.

I wouldn't think of feeding QM a Carmel roll for breakfast because I didn't want to do any dishes.

(My first Not Me Monday and I think I'm getting the hang of it. I'll try a little harder for next Monday)

{Inspired by My Charming Kids. Go check out her site, she is an awesome photographer.}

Friday, July 31, 2009

Mighty Life -- Inspired by Mighty Girl

  1. Grand Gestures -- 40 gifts for 40th birthday
  2. make a 1000 lovely things
  3. write a book
  4. fit back in to my wedding dress and go out on the town.
  5. visit Italy and drink cafe at a cafe
  6. finish KM and QM scrap books thru year 5
  7. Visit Alaska and see the Glaciers
  8. Go to NY city at Christmas, see Rockefeller Plaza
  9. Set foot on all 50 states -- have a few down -- many to go.
  10. Take a family road trip across the USA.
  11. Visit Norway and Sweden where my ancestors were from.
  12. Buy a Norwegian sweater from Norway
  13. See the Great Wall of China -- walk on it.
  14. Make a scrap book of all the invitations/cards we've sent out as a family.
  15. Build a new house, design and decorate every detail.
  16. Make a quilt out of the kids' clothes -- one for each.
  17. Cook/Bake a 1000 new recipes
  18. Take my mom on a trip - probably to Norway/Sweden
  19. Visit Ireland -- have a drink
  20. visit the church made of bones -- Prague
  21. Ride a trolley in San Fransisco
  22. See a space shuttle launch
  23. Go on a second honeymoon to Tahiti -- or where ever 7 days and 7 nights was filmed. (need to look it up)
  24. go dog sledding
  25. paint something to hang in our house.
  26. Visit Boston -- while Alyssa lives there
  27. Visit Washington DC -- do ALL of the tourist things.
  28. Write a blog post everyday for 1 year
  29. Watch the Twins play at Yankee stadium
  30. Figure out how to put Life List on the side of my blog.
  31. Have a campfire/bonfire on a beach (preferably in Massachusetts, they seem so much cooler there...)
  32. Re-design website and re-build it myself.
  33. Go Paint Balling (added 10/29/09)

This is a start to my list. I will add it on the side as soon as I figure out how to.

I'm totally inspired by Maggie Mason from Mighty Girl. I love that she is not afraid to dream big and put it out there for the world to see. I love that she wants to hold herself accountable for the things she dreams big to accomplish. And for that I am inspired to do the same.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Party like it's 2009

I'm planning a super fun birthday party for the Queen Monkey. I'm getting a Moonwalk. I'm not telling the kids until they see it. QM won't really know, but KM will. It's a little more for him then her. His birthday is in February and he'll never get to have one at his birthday. Just ordered the invatations. They turned out pretty cute. Man alive do I love Shutterfly!

I love planning parties. I love having everyone over at our house. I love planning the menu. How much beer do we need? What kind of cake should we get? Decorations? Who to invite? Should we have a theme?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Love Your Love The Most.

Love Your Love The Most: Justin Moore

I Love Sleeping In On Saturdays

And I Love Vikings Football Games

I Love Not Acting My Age

And A Good Barbecue

Yeah I'm A Fan Of Bernstein Books

And Anything My Mama Cooks

Loud Mouth Kids Have Got Me Hooked

On Sunday Afternoon

Yes I Love Good Cold Beer

And Ketchup On My Fries

I Love A Good Loud Honky Tonk

That Rocks On Friday Night

And Hell Yes I Love My Truck

But I Want You To Know

Honey I Love Your Love The Most

Man I Love How Marlboro's Taste

And Damn I Love My Morning Race

Any Song Sung By George Strait

Is Country At It's Best

Yes I Love Good Cold Beer

And Ketchup On My Fries

I Love A Good Loud Honky Tonk

That Rocks On Friday Night

And Hell Yes I Love My Truck

But I Want You To Know

Honey I Love Your Love The Most

I Love

Yeah I Love Scuffed Up Working Boots

And Broke In Tore Up Jeans

A Four Wheel Drive

Eight Hundred Bucks

And Mint Chip Ice Cream

And Hell Yes I Love My Kids

And Captain In My Coke

But Honey I Love Your Love

Yeah I Love Your Love yeah

I Love Your Love The Most

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This is my new favorite song.

This is kind of how I feel about the way I grew up. I feel like you couldn't ask for a better place to grow up then in a small town. This is part of the reason we decided to move back to where Husband and I grew up. We are living in a town, that is not a lot larger people wise, but much more metro then where we grew up.

This is why we put our house up for sale. We want our kids to grow up the way we grew up. We think it makes you a hard worker, teaches you the value of things. It's a different experience growing up in the country with chores to do and having to find your own fun. We want this for our own kids. We will do everything we can to show them what it looks like to grow up like mom and dad did. There's more room to run and ride bikes, to dig in the dirt and help mow the lawn.

Hopefully, they will bale hay and know what it feels like to put in a good hard days work. I'm sure you can accomplish this in the city, or even a suburb, but I didn't grow up like that and I don't know what that would look like. Going back to Where I Come From. ( I don't know any of the people in this video, but it feels like this where I come from.)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jig

We had another whorl wind weekend out of town. We drove down Friday night and had a few beers on the way. And by a few I mean we had to stop 2 times. Auntie and Uncle CRat rode down with us. The 3 hour drive turned in to about a 5 1/2 hour drive. We had ourselves a really good time. The only problem is we didn't know we needed to be up and ready at 9 am to make it to the dairy breakfast. 7am came very early.

We got up and got ready. Didn't really think about the days events because Auntie and I wore flip flops to the farm. We are not that city. We did, after all, grow up on a farm. Lucky for us it was a nice day out and not muddy. We hit the diary breakfast, checked out the cows, looked around the farm and took a hay ride. Queen Monkey fell asleep before the hay ride and King Monkey nearly didn't go. He was getting bucky. After standing in line for far too long it was our turn and worth the wait. KM had lots of fun. It was beautiful day out. The sun was shining, there were hardly any clouds in the sky, more fresh air then we've had in a long time and all the family togetherness we could want. After the dairy breakfast we went over to Luan & Tony's house. They also have a large dairy farm. We spent some time with the new born calf's and feed the 3-6 month old calf's. KM was a very good helper. He had to count out 6 scoops then dump it, then 6 more scoops then dump. QM spent some time playing in the dirt while Auntie took some pictures. She ate a few handfuls. She played in the straw, in the grass, and let the cows lick her. We went for a ranger ride around the farm and saw most of the acreage he farms. It was just nice to be outside.

When we got back up by the house, we grabbed some water and played outside some more. KM wanted to golf so he hit some balls around the yard, but lucky for us it was far past nap time so it was really pleasant being near him. We kind of realized what time it was so we headed back in to town to get ready. But on the way we actually realized what time it was (Husband didn't read his watch correctly the first time) and we had about a hour more than we thought we had before we had to be to the reception. So we hit DQ for chili dogs and then went back to the hotel and took a little snooze. By the time we got up we were a little pressed for time. Thank goodness that we had extra hands to help get the kids ready for the reception. Man O' Man were they cute. I put them in their Easter outfits. Almost all of the people at the reception had not seen them yet (only the people that came with us had).

As soon as we got there it was time to eat (I said we were running behind). So we pretty much jumped in line. Got our food and sat down. Eating was very interesting. QM didn't want to stay put. She didn't want to sit on my lap and I didn't have anywhere else to put her. So I'd set her down on the floor for a while then chase her, pick her up, bring her back to the table, lather, rinse, repeat.

After eating, there was a little lull until the DJ started. A bunch of kids were on the dance floor playing together. KM wanted to join in but was being a little shy. He was watching them closely, but wouldn't venture out there on his own. We had a walker with us that must have come over on the Mayflower. It was mine and Uncle J's when we were little. (We had found it a month earlier when cleaning at Grandma's house.) So I set QM in the walker on the dance floor and before I knew it KM had pushed her in to the middle of the kids. Instant friends. They all played together. Eventually QM had had her fill of being couped up in the walker so I took her out and set her down to crawl. She crawled across the dance floor and by the time she got to the other side she had quite the following. It was like she was the Pied Piper. They all followed her where ever she crawled to, all around the dance floor. She was a great ice breaker for him. It was cute to see them exploring the new friends together as a team. Hopefully they will be this great team for years to come. Helping each other through the scary things in life.

Somewhere along the weekend I had almost completely lost my voice. We left for the reception on a Friday, but the Wednesday and Thursday prior I had to make a mad dash to Gillette, Wyoming to drop some stuff for work. I had spent 20.5 hours in a truck alone driving across South Dakota and back. What's a girl to do but sing out loud as loud as I could to myself to help pass the time. It was a fun trip but kind of long by yourself. So at the reception Husband asked me if I wanted to go and smoke. I told him no because my throat hurt a little and I figured they weren't helping much. My aunt heard me say no and said "most wife's would give anything to dance with their husbands, so when he asks you to dance, you should go." I told her he didn't ask me to dance, but to go smoke instead. She had a puzzled look on her face and wasn't about to tell me to go do that with him (she really doesn't like smoking). Plus when ever we went outside to smoke, I'd try to talk and it sounded like I had been smoking 3 packs a day for 150 years, and Husband would make fun of my voice.

KM was running low, he didn't have a nap all day. When Husband and I took a little snooze, he spent that time running back and forth between the rooms, not napping. He did pretty good considering, but had a few moments of total melt down. Eventually he just crawled into the stroller and fell asleep. QM was about the same. No real melt downs for her but as soon as she fell asleep we pretty much had to pack it in for the night. Which was okay. We had really out done ourselves the night before and I was totally ready for bed. QM had slept with Amma the night before so now it was my turn for her to sleep with me. That was super awesome until she fell out of bed at about 5 am. Mother instincts kicked in but a little late. I had scooped her up by the scruff of her jammies before she had even started crying, but she still hit the floor. REAL NICE MOM. I'll try harder next time. I'm not used to her sleeping with me and I was really tired so any moving around she did, I didn't feel.

We got up the next morning and packed up. Headed back out to Tony and Luan's for about an hour. We had to see the baby calf's one more time. It was another beautiful day out. So we walked the farm a bit more then headed for home. The kids went with Amma and Wendowin (as KM calls her). They had a made a bee line for the farm on the way down. Didn't stop to smell the roses like we did. So on the way back they decided to take the scenic route. They hit a couple scenic over looks. Stopped and got some strawberries, had a some sammiches in a park then headed for the hills.

Once they got back home, we cooked up some dinner, fed Amma and sent her on her way home. It had been a long weekend, but a really fun one. We had lots of good family fun. As they get older, it will only get better. Looking forward to the next road trip.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Things I Want

  • a huge lilac bush in my yard

  • a garden full of fresh fruits and vegitables

  • to be skinnier -- actually to be in better shape, if skinnier comes with that, great. Mostly a flatter stomach.

  • to write a book -- not really sure what about, I suppose kids or parenting.

  • a lower mortgage payment

  • a pedicure every month

  • a hot tub

  • a crafting room full of all the organizing things a girl could want. I have the room, but want the organizers.

  • time to work on sewing, I'd like to sell some stuff, but haven't made the time to sew it.

  • a completed scrap book

  • to know it's okay to take time to do some of the things I want to do (i.e. scrapbooking, sewing, reading, writing...)

  • a nap

  • to watch all 10 seasons of Friends in one sitting (or maybe one weekend)

  • to take more pictures and have more taken (by Auntie) of the kids.

  • to have a wall of family pictures

  • to travel to Washington (State and DC)

(You would think Time and Money would be on the list, but who doesn't want more of both so I'm skipping them.)

Monday, June 08, 2009


I'm in a very Blah kind of mood today. I think it's both the weather and the lack of rest from the weekend. We were at a wedding (I was also in the wedding) about 4 hours from home. Lots of beer (LOTS OF BEER) and little sleep make for a long weekend. I think I just needed a few more hours of sleep and then I'd be better.

Queen Monkey is getting cuter by the minute. Now when she talks and laughs and smiles you can see her 2 cute little teeth. They are poking out far enough to see them. King Monkey went with Auntie and Uncle C to see "UP" yesterday. They went to eat before the movie and he ate a lot. Then he needed pop-porn at the theatre. Then Uncle C spilled the pop-porn so they had to go and get more pop-porn and also a Ring Pop. He had a great time. Auntie said she cried at the children's movie. She's a mess. But we still love her.

So since I've had my fill of being awake today, I'm going to wrap this up and go crawl under my desk for a nap.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

These Robeez were made for walking.

Last night Queen Monkey took some of her very first steps. She'd stepped back and forth from me to almost anyone. Those were only about one step then someone would catch her. But last night, she was taking a few steps between Husband and I. Oh the pride! I know almost every kid in the history of kids has done this, but last night I felt like those were the first steps taken EVER! They were so very magical. So calculated, and yet not. So tipsy, and falling forward, and looking to be caught by the other parent. Every time she would get to Husband, I would clap and cheer and hoot and holler. King Monkey was there helping, but got slightly discouraged when they bonked heads. We'd yell YEAH and then quickly spin her around to push her in the other direction.

I don't know why this time I'm in more of a hurry to get her to each next phase of life. Maybe because I know how much better each phase gets. I don't want her to hurry up and grow up, yet I so very much do. I want her to be my baby forever, but I know that doesn't happen. I guess I'm just going to have to savor every moment. Take more pictures and videos, I've been slacking a bit lately.

She makes my heart burst when I see her. And so does KM for that matter. When I get to daycare to pick them up, every day KM runs to me and jumps in to my arms. He misses me so much. And every day when I get there QM sits where ever she is and kicks her legs and smiles the biggest smile, sometimes squealing, sometimes talking until I pick her up, but she is always smiling. They are so happy to see me, and I am so very happy to see them.

QM makes noises like Bevis and Butthead. It's a grunting noise and she does it a lot. We laugh every time. She also likes to hit her chubby little paw on everything and talk to us. I like to call her Chub-A-Riffic.

KM's new saying is "You have a Situation that needs Imagination... Brain Storm!" I ask him quite frequently, "Are you having a situation?" Then he replies with the former.

Every day I look forward to the things they say and do, even if The Pink One was up all night long whining and crying for no apparent reason, after being fed and she was sleepy and given everything she could possibly want or need at 3 am. I still love them even in the dead of night, especially in the dead of night. Looking forward to another sleepless night, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Not to be too topical or anything

I think it's pure bullshit that California did this. Why is it up to anyone else who you marry? Why is marrying between a man and a woman? When everyone is for separation of church and state, than why do they bring the church and the bible and their Gods and their scriptures to something that has nothing to do with any one's beliefs. It's about equal rights. It's about being treated as equal to those men and women who are allowed to marry. It's about being treated as more than a second class citizen.

I don't have any gay friends, am not close to anyone who is gay. I know some people, have met some people who are gay. I think it's up to you to chose who you want to be with. Why should I or anyone else get a say in that? I didn't ask for any one's opinion in my marriage. And even though I didn't ask, I would have been super pissed if someone tried to tell me who I can and can not marry.

It's not up to us to determine who you can be with. I just think that California did a very bad thing. They want to be a progressive state, they want to attract to all races, creeds, all sexes. You just pissed off a lot of people and will pay for this. One way or another, this will hurt you as a state California.

Equal rights means equal rights. Plain and simple.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Like Cats and Dogs

The kids have been extra cute lately. KM has been so helpful with QM and playing with her, and carrying her around. Taking dangerous things from her and giving her more appropriate toys. But they fight. Well, he tries to play and she fights. She pulls his hair, and he cries. She crawls over to him, then crawls on him trying to get what he has. If her tries to help her, or move her or protect her, she screams. She throws her fists down to the floor, sits up a little straighter and she screams. She yells at him and makes lots of noise. You know it's completely directed at him because she stares at him the whole time she's yelling. If he moves, she turns her head to yell at him some more. She is really starting to communicate her dislike.

They do play very well together too. He will help her walk, and she will crawl everywhere he goes. He shares his toys and will even help pick up after her. If he is on the bed, she wants to be on the bed, but also, he WANTS her to be on the bed. They are such great friends, and I hope it stays this way. I know they will have their fights, but I want them to like each other.

KM has been a little sensitive lately. "You love QM more than me. You don't love me." He thinks we play with her more and love her more. So I told him that we would have a special date, just me, him and daddy. We would all go golfing. But that too was the wrong answer. I told him that we'd take him golfing and QM would stay at Amma's. "BUT I'LL MISS MY SISTER," he howled/cried. Can't win for losing. (To be honest, I have no idea what this term means. I looked it up here and I still don't think it makes any sense, but am leaving it anyway.) We did end up going golfing and had a great time. He didn't even miss his sister (at least not that we heard about.)

It was such a busy weekend, but we did have some time for fun. Saturday we did some chores around the house. Husband did some yard work (mowing weed whipping etc.) I cleaned the highchair, car seat and 2 strollers. Washed them on the deck and washed the straps and covers in the washer. They were in really bad shape and needed an overhaul. After that was all done we took a nap, then Husband and I went grocery shopping while Amma (oh, lovely Amma, how I love you let me count the ways..) watched the Monkey's. $210.00 later, we left the grocery store. BLAST. Then we went home and made a feast (at 8:00 at night). We made ribs on the grill, corn on the cob -- OK really that was all we made, but it was DELICIOUS! Then we cleaned up dinner and watched Swing Vote and Valkyrie. Swing Vote was much better than Valkyrie.

Sunday, we got up and Husband and I went to Great Clips to get our hair cut. Normally we don't go there. But we were desperate. We both needed a hair cut really bad. Then we stopped and got some hair dye for Amma, went home and did her up good. :o) Then Amma and KM left and Husband, QM and I took a nap. It was really nice. After nap time we got ready quick and went to a graduation party. Met Amma and KM there. She took the kids home and Husband and I stayed to have some more beers and we ended up going out with some of my cousins. It was very good times.

Monday, we got up early thanks to Husband being a pest. We took a trip home for showers and golf clubs then picked up KM and met my cousins at the golf course. We had a great time. It was a bit on the windy side, but warm and good to be outside, working off our hangover. KM is a pretty good golfer. When he makes contact he can really hit the ball. I think he likes the driver (the screwer, screwer) the best. He was very patient and listened very well to all the golf rules I was trying to teach him. One little melt down, he threw his club and ball on the ground and said "I QUIT." He was mad that daddy had driven the cart without him. I got that settled down and promised that he could drive next time and the rest of the day went beautifully.

I like weekends like this one. We did a lot as a family and had a great time. Sometimes I feel like we are all going in different directions and don't spend much time together. This was one of those weekends that restores the faith I have in our family. The kind of weekend that reminds you that you have it pretty good and that you wouldn't want it any other way. Even with the Pink One and the Blue One fight like cats and dogs.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

So Little Time

I have been aching to blog lately but just can't find the time to put fingers to keyboard. Queen Monkey got her first tooth this week and it has been pure hell. Well, I shouldn't say that (but see how I did anyways), she is great during the day. The part of the day when I am not with her. The part of the day she spends at daycare, in other peoples care with her Company Manners on. Then once I pick her up there is lots of pathetic whining in the car, then yelling when we get home, then more yelling at dinner time, some sqeaking at the table, some fussing and then eventually some sleep. But then between the sleep and the getting up, there is lots and LOTS of screaming bloody murder at the top of her lungs in the middle of the night, then short naps, 10-15 mins worth, then more shreeking. I feel bad for her I really do. She is in some serious pain, and no Tylenol or Ora-Jel can fix it. Plus it's my fault really. I've been wishing these damn teeth on her for quite a while now.

Last night was pretty good actually. She slept all night, but the night before and the night before that sucked donkey balls to put it politely. I was a walking zombie yesterday at work. I felt like I hadn't gotten any sleep at all. When she finally did fall asleep it was only when snuggled right up next to me in the crook of my arm and only for short periods.

She's chewing on EVERYTHING. It's kind of funny too. She will pick up the most random thing to chew on, like a tape measure, and it really is the most preferred teething ring. She set other things down to go across the room to pick it up to sit and chew on it.

Hopefully these painful days will be short lived. I hate to see her so sad and unhappy. I especially hate to see me so sleepy. :o) Like they say with everything, this too shall pass. Until then, I'm keeping a healthy supply of tape measures around.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Lately KM has taken to telling us that his arms and legs are broken. He won't do anything that he is told, at least not the first time he is asked.

KM can you go and get your jammies on?

My arms and wegs are broken. (Shit eating grin, slides across face.)

Ok then, how about I set you outside in the rain and we'll see if you can get back inside.

Ok I'll go put them on.

It's his first excuse for anything and everything he doesn't want to do. He can't eat his dinner, he can't get ready for bed, he can give me a hug and a kiss.

Sunday it was frustrating me to no end (well, he was all day, not just the comments). Finally I looked at Amma and asked where does he get this stuff? Where did he learn that? She said, probably us, and the light bulb went on. WE. WE taught him that. We are the ones who ask him if his legs are broken when he doesn't do what he's told to do the second he's told to do it. We are the ones who ask if his arms are broken when he won't hug me. We are the idiots that put those ideas in his head.

It's funny to watch him too when he says it. You know he's full of bullshit. He's clearly standing there on non-broken legs, usually holding something in his non-broken arms, telling me with a shit eating grin sliding across his face, in a tone of I Really Wish I Could Help You Out But I Have To Wash My Hair. But my arms and wegs are broken. So since we are being outlandish, I try to come up with the most outlandish thing I can think of too. "Then I will ship you to the moon, and leave you there." Of course he always starts laughing, I tend to be a bit sarcastic anyways. "You're dist kidding." Yup, buddy, I'm just kidding. I will ship you to the moon and leave you there, but I'll probably come and visit. Maybe. At the very least I'll send your blankie with.

Monday, April 27, 2009

I think it time.

I think it's almost time to come out of hiding and maybe tell the family about this blog. First I need to go back thru the post to be sure they'll still talk to me if they read them. I may have said some things in the heat of the moment. But can't quite remember.
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Plan B

Been a rather slow day at work today. My sister came down and had her brakes re-done in our shop. Then I had some work errands to do, so she rode along with me. We stopped and had lunch at the Olive Garden (It was lovely). Then came back to the office and killed some time til her car was done.

In the mean time, my boss had called and asked me who called our mechanic in to work today. I said I did, he's doing Auntie's brakes. No response. Then he called back a few minutes later and asked where I was and what I was doing. I said lunch, we'll be done in about a half hour. Again, no response. I think he's bucky at me. He waits until the last minute to tell me that he has things for me to do. Sometimes, I can jump right on it, and other times I *gasp* make my own plans for the day. I really don't care that he's a little bucky at me.

I'm nearing the end of my patience with this job. The job is good, my boss couldn't be a better guy. He's very understanding and accomodating. When I need time off, it's no problem. My problem with the job is mostly my own. I want to be able to do things with the Monkey's when I want to do them. I want more freedom to come and go as I see fit in my family. I'm tired of working for someone else. I want to work for me and my family. Don't get me wrong, I am happy to be employed and making ok money. But I have much more potential for something greater. I'm biding my time right now.

It will happen. These things take time. I'm already working on my plan B. I am hoping and planning for that by the end of July, I'll be doing my own thing. What I want, when I want.

Here's to dreaming the dream and making it happen.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

You thought my house was clean before!

So we had a showing a few weeks ago. Their realtor thought our house was "cluttered". It may have been a bit, but we weren't expecting showings for at least another week from the day she came and we only had a few hours notice. Husband ran home, picked up best he could and we waited. She told her client about our house and said she'd get back to us. That was a Tuesday. On Thursday afternoon we found out that HE (the potential) homeowner was flying up from Arizona to look at our house. DE-CLUTTER TO THE HILT we were told. So I called in for reinforcements. MOM, if I ever had any favors with you I NEED TO USE THEM ALL RIGHT NOW. She came after work on Thursday and stayed the night. Her and Husband cleaned and cleaned and organized and de-cluttered all day on Friday. I got home about 7 after dropping off the Monkey's and working, and got to work on the house doing my fair share. Mom and I were up til 3 am. Then back up again at 8.30 to be sure we had it all done before 11.30 when he was getting there.

We left our house in search of something to do. We stopped at a friends and had a beer, then went to my mom's house so she could change clothes. Remember, she'd been at our place since Thursday after work with no change of clothes. Then we went to get something to eat then back home. We waited and waited and waited and waited. I went to get Queen Monkey from Gupa's house, and came back. Then our realtor came over to pick up some paperwork. We finally got an email from their realtor. They didn't think our lot was the size we said (the size the SURVEYOR said), they liked the craftsmanship, but whatever, they weren't putting in an offer. SAD.

Since then we had one more showing, yesterday. I was home with the kids so it worked out okay. Queen Monkey has a case of Pink Eye. Since we didn't start the drops till Tuesday around 7 pm, we weren't allowed to daycare until today. It was actually really nice. It was a nice day out yesterday. I had plenty of time to pick up the house while QM napped and KM watched a movie. No rushing around. I packed up a bag and off to the park we went. We had to be gone from 3-4 pm for the showing. We we got back from the park and our walk, there was no card left at our house. I'm not even sure if they ever did come to look at it.

It really hasn't been that hard to keep the house clean since the MAJOR.OVERHAUL.OF.2009. We have been picking up more after ourselves since we never know when we'll have a showing and it's easier for Husband to do a quick run thru than to clean the whole house. The basement rarely sees the light of day so usually it's only a few rooms that need attention. It's also sort of forced us in to better habits, of doing the dishes every night, and keeping the rooms much cleaner than usual.

Other major happenings over the past few weeks:

QM has learned to sit up by herself
Then she learned how to crawl (it's so mechanical and cute, she looks like one of those baby dolls you buy in a store. It's so very rigid.)
Then she learned to pull her self up to standing by the furniture
Then she learned to crawl up the step from the sunken living room into the entry way or the kitchen (Time for the baby gate.)
Now she follows us around the house where ever we go, she crawls and whines (just a little bit, a sorry, pitiful whine that says, Stop and Wait for ME! Boo Hoo Hoo, hoo hoo hoo. It's actually kind of sweet in it's saddness.)

So until the house sells we are in a Hurry Up and Wait situation and I.HATE.THAT.

We went to the park with pink eye.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Reasons to Smile

Lately I have a lot of things to smile about. The Monkey's are great. Our house is nice and clean (thanks to us putting it up on the market). Which brings me to another reason to smile, we will (hopefully soon) be without our house payment, or with a smaller one. We decided to sell our house and build a new one. The house is just fine, and their is plenty of room, but the lot is (by our standards) small. It's about an acre in size and this is enough room for out door activities, it is not enough room for my husband to put up a shop. He builds cabinets out of our garage and it's driving him and I nuts. It's not nearly big enough for such jobs, and therefore, pushes us over the edge of Time.To.Move.

When we moved into this house 2 and half years ago, we knew we wouldn't stay forever. Our house has a great layout and all the features one could want. I hope that it sells quickly. But then again I don't. I haven't mentally prepared for moving. We have A LOT of stuff. It's fairly organized and quite a bit of it is already boxed up. Oh, but the stuff that isn't. Kitchen's, and pantry's and closet's OH MY! ***(As I sat and typed this, Husband called and there is a showing today at our house. A family of 6 (we have 5 bedrooms), their other house fell thru, their kids are already enrolled in our school district. They told their realtor "BUY THAT HOUSE." Totally keeping my fingers crossed that it sells. They said they could close as early as May 15th -- Trying not to JINX this whole thing!!!!!)***

I've (We've) also started a new venture to bring in some extra funds. Husband and I have really taken off with it. It's going so great. We've made back our small investment and already doubled it. This makes me happy. It's like getting paid to have fun. I know that sounds silly but it really is the truth. We are hanging out with our friends and making money doing it.

Was going to type more but now am TOO EXCITED to think even. Plus I need to run some work errands. Will update tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

They're so beautiful.

It doesn't get any better than when you wake up in the morning and you get 2 smiling faces back at you. Plus they are still smiling at each other. It may not always be this way, but for right now they are the best of friends. QM has some serious nose trouble when it comes to what anyone in the house is doing, but it is the WORST with KM. No matter where he goes or what he does, she has to be able to see him. She will look and look and watch and stare to get his every move down. It's really, well to be honest, it's PRECIOUS. Of course I don't remember doing this with my own brother at least not at the same age as her (she's 8 months remember). But I do remember thinking my own brother was the coolest thing to walk the face of the planet. At least for a while. I tagged along and played and tried to be just like him.

What I love the most about the Monkey's is that KM is so very gentle with her and protective. When she babbles to him and I ask him what she said, he always says something like "She loves me."

I can't imagine having greater kids. It's just such a wonderful feeling. (I know gross right, but it's true.)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Life as a Digital Mom

Yeah, she finally put it up. And wouldn't you know it. I saw this, but didn't think it was the one she was one. OOPPS! Here is Heather Armstrong from

It's Raining It's Pouring The Old Man is Snoring... (otherwise known as I Can't Concentrate)

This morning on my way to work (WAY behind because of stupid daylight savings time) I was singing this song. The way I sing in: He bumped his head on an OLD LOG Bed and couldn't get up in the morning. The way KM sings it: He bumped his head on A Bed, and couldn't get up in the morning. Not really that different, but KM would not let me continue to sing it my way. I had to change the words to his way. He was admit about it. He can be so stubborn sometimes.

I have done nearly nothing today at work. It's hard to concentrate with the snow falling, then not falling, then check the weather, then see if it snowed more, then I'm hungry, check the radar etc. We are in the business of snow plowing so when a storm is coming, we mostly spend our day waiting for it to get here so we can plow it away. Plus the big project I need to get done this week is on hold until tomorrow as I need to round up some paperwork to complete it.

Pulled in to get gas this morning and KM tells me: Another day, Another dollar. I asked him where he learned that, well of course Sponge Bob.

I have also been hitting REFRESH on Dooce's website, about a hundred times between yesterday and today. She was suppose to be on the Today show. I missed it on TV and couldn't find the link on their website, so I'm waiting for her to post it on hers. Can you say STOCKER? Yep, thank you very much.

We watched the new show CASTLE last night. It was much better than I thought it would be. I actually really go in to it. I hate to start watching new shows. At the rate they stick around these days, it seems like such a waste of time. I was a big fan of Dirty Sexy Money. GONE. I'm a big fan of Lie To Me*. I hope this sticks around too. But chances are it won't because stupid people like stupid reality shows. Don't get me wrong, I like my fair share of them too, but there are lots of good shows out there with actual writers instead of idiots trying to get their 15 minutes of shame, I mean fame.

Guess I should go and plan my escape. It's too early to leave for the day, but I'm going to think of a reason to do just that. Don't really feel like working. We'll see how this ends up.

Monday, March 09, 2009

She holds the bottle funny.

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Maybe if this were my day-time job...

We had KM birthday party over the weekend. We had a great time. Lots of family and friends there to help us celebrate the fact that he turned 4. And also in the last week he has gone from wearing diapers everyday all day to underwear! (snaps fingers) He's been doing great too. Only 2 accidents in a whole week and is even dry most nights. He even pooped in the potty at his birthday party. We were standing around the kitchen talking and he comes running out.

"MOMMY! Guess what?!"


"I POOPED IN THE POTTY! I had tooties and sat on the potty, then my poop fell out." (Then he turned around and more poop fell out of his pants, but I'm still confused as to how. He had both his PANTS and his UNDERWEAR pulled up. So my aunt went to go help him (she picked up the poop too to throw away) and she found more down the hallway. She put them both in the toilet and flushed it. Big mistake. KM didn't have a melt down but he did say that she's not allowed at his birthday parties anymore in case she flushes the toilet again.


I even got my act together enough to plan a craft for the party. I bought foam door hangers and little foam letters, number and shapes. I figured it was a clean project, no mess, and easy to do for little fingers. The kids had a great time. I did buy markers so they could write/draw on them also. We did frost your own cupcake instead of a big cake that would most certainly go to waste. And if that's not enough when we made the cupcakes we made vanilla, chocolate and marble. Yup you read that right, we made our own marble cupcakes. Ok, Ok they are not hard at all, but I'm trying to pat myself on the back a little. I don't DO those kinds of things normally.

Like always, it would have never happened if Amma hadn't have come down to help. She made the sloppy Joe's, and helped with the cupcakes and pretty much all the food. She also, cleaned the kitchen and watched the kids while Husband and I went shopping for last minute party stuff. I swear, I don't know what I would do with out her.

KM has officially turned 4. It's bittersweet. He's getting to be so big (Yeah, potty training), but yet he's betting so big (Boo, I miss my baby.) Guess they never stay little for long. I'm loving every stage he's growing into, but still miss the days of him being my little baby. I'll probably always feel that way. Good thing we have QM to at least pick up some of the baby slack. We'll have her to snuggle with for a while longer.

Monday, March 02, 2009



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Have you heard the one about me posting more often?

I started a post about KM's birthday party but am not in the mood to finish it. But I just realized/figured out/ learned how to post from my phone, so maybe that will spur me to post even smaller things more often. I also belive that I added my Twitter to the site, but guess I'll have to check as I don't remember.

On an un-related note, I'm pretty excited that my cousin is having a baby ANYMINUTE! Or you know, some time this week, when mother nature kicks it in gear. She's having a BOY, or a GIRL. It's pretty exciting. Can't wait to meet the little monster. I really do think it's a boy, but am secretly hoping a little for a girl so I can buy LOTS of hot pink. They are very green and yellow people, and that will be lots of fun for me. The Pinker the better. This will be her first. She'll be a great mom and I can't wait.

So once again, I'll be back. I promise. Really I swear. I'll come back to visit. See you soon.


Testing 1 2 3 can u hear me now?
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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I couldn't be on a better roll

So that New Year's Resolution of posting everyday, and starting way back at the beginning of December in hopes of creating a good habit long before I actually needed it..... Yeah, um, about that.

Just like everyone else we had a busy Christmas/New Years. I worked every day surrounding said holidays, except the actual holiday's themselves. This made for not much time off and not much getting done around the house. Not to mention we managed to squeeze 2 Vikings games in to the weekends. I still have Christmas overflow all over my dining room table. Lucky for us we usually eat in the kitchen anyways.

And because things are not nearly busy enough, I've taken on more work at work (Yeah for responsibility!), I have started a new business venture, we booked a trip to Mexico, and we are planning out Husbands future goals and objectives for his business and have set up a few meetings. Oh also not to mention, we have a wedding reception and a baby shower coming up, a Super Bowl party, then Mexico and then KM birthday party to get planned and throw all before the end of February. That's pretty much EVERY WEEKEND between now and then.

As they say, No rest for the wicked. And I don't mind being busy, I just don't like it when things are SO busy that it seems like I don't ever see the Monkey's. But I guess that is one of the prices I will have to pay as a parent to be able to give them the life style they deserve. Husband and I are working more to be able to provide them with what they need. We are taking on more work to be able to have more money.

Today it is -800 degrees F. Or maybe -8. Whatever, they feel about the same. I don't mind the weather except when I have to drag the Monkey's in and out of the truck.

KM said to me the other day, "I learned my lovely manners, from a lovely lady." And he said lovely in a way that I could just feel it come from the very bottom of his heart. I can't even explain how much I love him lately. He has been so polite and helpful and playful with QM. He has been patient and kind when he didn't get his way right away. Or he had to wait because I was feeding her. He would just wait and ask again in a bit. I don't know how I raised him to be so wonderful already, but if he keeps this up, I might have to, well, I don't know what I'll do, probably buy him a pony. He deserves it.

QM on the other hand is wearing me out. She barely sleeps at night and when she does, I think it's only so she can make sure she's up again in 2 hours. I wake up in the morning feeling like I haven't slept all night, and have to get up and GO GO GO. I don't mind and am getting used to the sleep deprivation, but it is wearing on me. For a while there she had me fooled in to thinking that she would sleep all night. She had slept through the night for a few nights in a row. I thought I was done with the 1, 3, 5, 7 am feedings. That was just a test to see if I was paying attention. Oh dear was I. I miss those nights of uninterrupted sleep. Amma was over on Sunday and asked me why I didn't come and get her to take a shift in the middle of the night. I said it wasn't her job to get up with QM when I was at home. Plus it probably worked out better because then I got to go and take a much needed nap and got lots of hours of sleep and all in a row and she did my laundry. OH HOW I LOVE THAT WOMAN!

So I really do care about my one reader and the occasional people that stop by, so here I go again making empty promises... I'm going to try harder for you! There I said it. Until tomorrow. I guess if I could just figure out how to do it from my phone, at least then I would be able to update a bit more often. I'll work on that.