Monday, May 19, 2008

How rich will I be?


How much money will you be worth?

This was kind of fun. Take it for yourself here.

The questions are pretty goofy, but it is only 15 questions long.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


OOOOOO (as in OOOO, AAHHH) - BOOB -- this is KM's word for boobs, mine, daddy's or his. One day I was putting him in the truck and he tells me, "Mommy, you hurt my oooo-boob." I almost tipped over from laughing. Where does he come up with this stuff? This morning I was holding him on my lap telling him that we needed to get going and he pulls out my shirt at the neck and looks down it. "Mommy, you don't have no oooo-boobs." Then he reached his hand down it and started laughing -- "OOOO-BOOB!" He's such a goonie-heimer!

Maybe that's where he gets it! Amma and I are constantly making up words for things. Ish-ta-la-gook-a-la -- Amma's word for a dirty diper, or doopa's -- as in "we need to change your doopa's" (also a poopy diaper). However, I can't take credit for this one, Vicki claims the rights to this. Goonie-toonie -- pretty much anytime I don't really know what to say to him, I make up a new word. Which is a lot of fun when he tries to repeat them.

Yesterday we opened my Mother's day present, and I got a Cram-er-a. That's right a Cram-er-a. On our way home he asked me if we were going to stop and get sss-ram-riches, smam-rich, sam-rich -- no matter how you cut it, he can not say sandwich, and I think it's hilarious. I ask him all the time about sandwiches so that he'll say it.

I love the way he says everything lately, both in pronunciation and in general talking. He wants to talk about EVERYTHING. We can have a 10 minute discussion on why the tree has nuts on it. He asks a lot of why questions lately and I'm trying to give him actual answers, instead of "I don't know." But some days my mind doesn't work, so then I make something up. Or I tell him to ask someone else, daddy, Amma, Vicki. One day he'll stop talking to me, so I'll miss this stage. Man O Man do I love that kid!

Friday, May 09, 2008

With friends like these, who needs enemies...

Our "friends" are still jerking us around on some money they owe us. We can't figure out why either. J & K had Husband re-steel their shed. It was insurance work and none of the money was coming out of their pocket. And because Husband had to race over there one day when the insurance agent was coming out, J & K got an extra probably $20,000.00. They wouldn't have gotten this amount had it not been for Husbands sweet talking. So he bid the job like he would any other and got it. He did them a big favor in the whole deal. They got their first check probably a month before Husband even started. Then Husband did the work and turned in a invoice. This was well over a month ago, close to 2 months ago. Still we've seen half the money. THAT'S RIGHT, HALF OF THE MONEY THEY WERE PAID BEFORE HE EVEN STARTED. We've tried calling and being nice, but in the end they (J & K) play good cop/bad cop. When you talk to one, they have to talk to the other one. I swear neither one of them know what the fuck is going on in their business. When they did actually pay us half of it, they acted like somehow, they were doing us a big favor by even giving us half. Excuse me, didn't Husband do the work for you? Didn't he save you some money? Didn't he save you some hassle and get the job done right away like he said he would? And you are going to pretend like you are doing US a favor? FUCK OFF!

Recently we also found out that they are pregnant and due in the fall. Nice friends, they didn't even bother to call and tell us that. I guess I don't care really. They are going to make crappy parents. They will be worse than any helicopter parents you've ever met. I know I've said I'm done with their friendship and I don't want or need it any more so why care that they didn't call? It's because they don't really know that I'm done with them. I have been trying to play nice so that we can get the other half of our money. If it were anyone else, they would have paid them. But they think we don't need the money. IT'S NOT UP TO YOU TO DECIDE IF WE NEED THE MONEY OR NOT! Remember -- you're not part of our family and don't know what kind of bills and expenses we have each month. You don't know what that money will be used for, so who are you to decide if we really need it or not.

I also think that they spent it on other things so they no longer have it. They came over at the beginning of April and we had dinner (I'll let you guess who cooked) and they spent quite a bit of time telling us about the new dump trucks they bought for the business. (The pole shed is company property, not personal.) They also were telling us about the new truck they bought for J's brother and how they spent so much money on it, that when you look at it, all you can see it dollar signs. Hmmm, I wonder where our money went? It's funny too, because about a year ago, all J could talk about was how stupid it is to own your own dump truck. (My boss has 3 of them). "There's no money in it. It's cheaper to hire someone else. What you don't realize is how much upkeep they are," and so on. Now, conveniently enough, they just bought 2. J will find any reason to put someone else down just to make himself look/feel better.

I just feel like every time they get a chance, they try to screw us. Even in simple ways. Like when we go on vacation with them to Florida and we rent a house, EVERY time they take the biggest and nicest bedroom. Don't you think once in a while we could all trade and take turns? Nope, J is entitled to it somehow. I think he sends someone ahead and has his name engraved.

I'm just tired of it. Looking back, I wonder why we put up with so much when we were getting so little back. I'm on my way to their side of the world for something different, but am going to call to see if they have our check. Probably not, but I'm tired of waiting. It's time to be persistent.

*** UPDATE *** I have some new news from this whole fiasco, but am so irritated right now that I can't even type it. Let's just say that Husband is a rock star. He handled himself very well, didn't get angry or yell or swear. He can be so professional. Me on the other hand, I wanted to punch K in the face or the vagina! -- I don't care if she's pregnant. She deserves it for her underhanded way of handling this. I will NEVER speak to them again. I don't care how often I see them. As far as I'm concerned, they can die a slow painful death. This is not how you treat people or "friends" and karma will come around one day and bitch slap them. (Hopefully in the vagina!)

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Super Potty

We have been trying (not really hard, and unsuccessfully) to potty train KM. He will talk about it and tell us that he has to go potty, but when we ask him if he wants to go and sit on the potty he says NO. Then he'll tell us that he has "poopy stinks" and asks "Mommy will you change me?" He's just so cute when he does it that I can't say no.

They have been going out side at day care. Since it's so nice out, they play for a long time. But when Vicki asks if he has to go potty, he pitches a bucky fit and screams bloody murder. She even tells him that he gets to go back outside when he's done and he doesn't have to take his shoes off. Still, Nothing. So I had the genius idea yesterday of bringing the Super Potty to Vicki's. It's the little potty we got from Uncle Leo. KM was fantastic at using it one Sunday. He went pee 7 or 8 times that day with little prompting from me. I think it helped that I let him wear his big boy pantylooners (underwear). The problem is, he's not good enough at it yet to send him to Vicki's house in them. Gupa tried that last week, and KM made it about 10 minutes before he had wet pants. So today we are going to try the Super Potty. I thought maybe if he doesn't even have to go inside to go potty, maybe that would help. I'll be interested to see how he does. He's so close. He knows when he has to go, and he's not afraid to sit on the potty. But still, he would rather go in his diaper. I've tried lots and lots of bribing. Candy when he goes, 2 candies when he asks and then goes. I told him when he learns to go all the time we'll go to the store and he can pick out a toy. He's been asking for a Transformer. So when he learns to go, we'll go and get one. But still, even with all the bribing and incentives it's just not enough to tip the scale.

Maybe this weekend we'll have some time to work on it. We're having low key family weekend. You know the boring kind where you clean the house and do laundry. And since it's Mother's day on Sunday, we're going out to brunch then home for more nothing. He really likes wearing the panty-wooners. He feels like a really big boy. Maybe this what we need to focus on. That and more treats!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Arizona -- The Grand Canyon State

Or what I would like to refer to as the most wonderful state ever! OK, maybe not ever, but we did have a great time. Very relaxing, even though we were only there for 5 days. I would go back again. The area we stayed in was really nice, Chandler AZ.

It was a little weird being there with a bunch of guys. 7 guys and myself. Not that out of the ordinary since they are all our friends from back home. It's just that when we normally hang out, there is at least 1 other girl there. Oh well, doesn't bother me. What does bother me is when a friend of ours gets drunk, he acts like a total ass. I have know Brian since we were in 6th grade. We were in the same class and we hung out all the time. Along with 2 other friends, we were kind of the 'brat pack'. We'd look for ways to get in trouble, or better yet, get things that we didn't really deserve.

In our 6th grade classroom, there was a couch. It was really cool. None of the other teachers had a couch, or a tee pee. If you weren't feeling well, or were extra awesome that day, you'd get to sit on the couch. You would also get to bring one person along with you. This was the same for the tee pee, if you were awesome. The 4 of us would scheme to get to sit on the couch or the tee pee everyday. Most days it was either Brian and Ryan or Amanda and I on the couch/in the tee pee. How much trouble could we cause really, we were in 6th grade. But we did our best to get the best every day. Sitting in the tee pee meant sitting on the floor, but for some reason, that was SO MUCH COOLER than sitting at our desk.

Anyways, I've know him for the better part of my life and we have always been good friends. When we were in Sioux Falls for a wedding last fall, we all went out for Halloween. He got really drunk and started fighting with one of our other friends. This is nothing new. If one of our evenings doesn't end up in a fight, we haven't really done our job. So he was pissed. We left the bar, and I was asking him what happened. I wasn't looking to take sides, the fights are always over something stupid. But he wouldn't talk to me or tell me anything. Finally he turned to Husband and said "She better shut her mouth! She doesn't talk to me! I'm not fucking talking to her!" None of it was directed at me, all the Husband. Kind of like 'you better check your woman!' Whatever drunky!

Same thing in AZ. We were on our way home from a wedding that had been going on all day. We got to the church at 1, left at 2 for the reception. The took pictures after the ceremony, so we had about 4 hours to kill while waiting for the wedding party to be done. We went and ate then bellied up to the bar. Cocktail hour, dinner, more open bar and pretty soon it's Midnight. It was time for me to drive everyone one. Fuck around, fuck around, everyone was in the car ready to go. Except for Brian. He was standing around trying to pick up girls from the wedding (keep in mind he has a girlfriend of 3.5 years). Finally we get him to get in the car so we can leave (and so he doesn't have to take a cab), and we are on our way back to the hotel. Everyone was pretty much done for the night. Brian wanted to go to the bar still. I told him, we're going back to the hotel first, then I'll take you to the bar. It was already almost 1:00am. He gets pissy and calls a cab company and tells them meet us at so and so hotel, "Our friend won't take us to the bar." I'm sorry, WHAT?! I said I'd take you, but most everyone else wanted to go back to the hotel. He was just being a douche bag about it. The rest of the guys couldn't thank me enough for driving them back. They had a ride, it didn't cost them anything and they were safe and sound. Brian on the other hand, he acts like he's a god. Then I find out later, when he was re-telling the story, he makes me look like an ass. You know what, I can make you look like an ass too when I tell your girlfriend that you had sex with one of the bridesmaids in the hotel bathroom. Or about the time he picked up a random chick at our Christmas party and had sex with her too, at the hotel. How about that pal! Fuck off. When he's sober, he's smart and intelligent and can be a very nice guy. Let him have a few cocktails and he's such an arrogant prick. The problem is I'll never be away from him and his shit. His brother is the godfather of our new baby. We LOVE his brother. I just wish Brian would see that his drinking needs to slow down and he needs to start growing up.

I do believe in karma, and since he's been such a shit to his girlfriend, I know one day he'll get his. It will come back around.

Until then, I'll be planning another trip back to AZ. I need some more sunshine!

The fear of God...

KM had the fear of God put in him last week. We went out to eat with my dad, step-mom and the boys. After dinner, which was like trying to teach monkeys to fly, we headed out to the parking lot to say good bye. The boys (including KM) were wild as usual. KM and Leo started running out into the part of the parking lot where people drive, (we were standing in a handicap spot). Luckily the lady ready to back out saw them, and stopped. However, KM didn't bother to listen when I was running after him yelling, "KM STOP! KM GET OVER HERE! KM STOP! KM STOP, STOP RUNNING!" I finally caught up with him, he was half way around the building. Not only am I too pregnant to run at all, I'm to pregnant to have to run that fast to catch a 3 year old who doesn't want to listen. Normally he's a very good listener, especially in a parking lot. We have talked a lot about how dangerous they can be. When he stopped running from he, he said he was being a "race car driver". Which sort of made sense, the going fast and all. It still didn't get him off the hook for not listening.

On our drive home, I was trying to tell him the importance of listening to his mother when she says stop. I said the cars won't see you because you're little (meaning short). He just started crying saying "I'm not little, I'm big!" So I had to re-phrase, and teach him a new word, Short. Which he still didn't totally understand. But what he now understands is that when we are in a parking lot he is to stand by the truck until I say it's time to go. Then we hold hands and walk together. And if he doesn't listen to me when I say stop, what happens? "I get a spanking." And if you run out in to the parking lot, "I get a spanking."

I am not one to beat my kids (well most days!). However, I grew up with spankings. I think that they can get your attention enough so that you remember you don't want to repeat that behavior. I threaten more spankings than I could ever hand out, and when he does get a swat on the butt, it's through his diaper so I know it doesn't hurt him, but it gets his attention, which is exactly what I want. He remembers what it is that he did to get a spanking and has yet to repeat any of those behaviors.

I know he won't forget that day anytime soon. Whenever we get in a parking lot and are getting out I ask him what the rules are and he knows everyone. I'm just lucky that lady saw him and I running and stopped and waited for us. She even opened her door to ask me if she could back out, as to not run over any children. Maybe those prayers I have been saying to watch over our family are really getting to the Big Guy upstairs, maybe he really does hear me. Either way, I'm glad KM got the fear of God put in to him that day, and not something far worse.