Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The fear of God...

KM had the fear of God put in him last week. We went out to eat with my dad, step-mom and the boys. After dinner, which was like trying to teach monkeys to fly, we headed out to the parking lot to say good bye. The boys (including KM) were wild as usual. KM and Leo started running out into the part of the parking lot where people drive, (we were standing in a handicap spot). Luckily the lady ready to back out saw them, and stopped. However, KM didn't bother to listen when I was running after him yelling, "KM STOP! KM GET OVER HERE! KM STOP! KM STOP, STOP RUNNING!" I finally caught up with him, he was half way around the building. Not only am I too pregnant to run at all, I'm to pregnant to have to run that fast to catch a 3 year old who doesn't want to listen. Normally he's a very good listener, especially in a parking lot. We have talked a lot about how dangerous they can be. When he stopped running from he, he said he was being a "race car driver". Which sort of made sense, the going fast and all. It still didn't get him off the hook for not listening.

On our drive home, I was trying to tell him the importance of listening to his mother when she says stop. I said the cars won't see you because you're little (meaning short). He just started crying saying "I'm not little, I'm big!" So I had to re-phrase, and teach him a new word, Short. Which he still didn't totally understand. But what he now understands is that when we are in a parking lot he is to stand by the truck until I say it's time to go. Then we hold hands and walk together. And if he doesn't listen to me when I say stop, what happens? "I get a spanking." And if you run out in to the parking lot, "I get a spanking."

I am not one to beat my kids (well most days!). However, I grew up with spankings. I think that they can get your attention enough so that you remember you don't want to repeat that behavior. I threaten more spankings than I could ever hand out, and when he does get a swat on the butt, it's through his diaper so I know it doesn't hurt him, but it gets his attention, which is exactly what I want. He remembers what it is that he did to get a spanking and has yet to repeat any of those behaviors.

I know he won't forget that day anytime soon. Whenever we get in a parking lot and are getting out I ask him what the rules are and he knows everyone. I'm just lucky that lady saw him and I running and stopped and waited for us. She even opened her door to ask me if she could back out, as to not run over any children. Maybe those prayers I have been saying to watch over our family are really getting to the Big Guy upstairs, maybe he really does hear me. Either way, I'm glad KM got the fear of God put in to him that day, and not something far worse.

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