Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I can't get there from here

I just can't keep on top of this blog thing. I would really like to write everyday. But I just can't get there from here. I also would really like to write a book. That is just not going to happen any time soon, if my writing keeps up at this pace. Blog for a few days then off for a month. Never gonna happen at this rate.

KM has never been cuter. This morning he was telling me that I wasn't his best fwend. That daddy was his best fwend. And when I asked him how come I couldn't be his best fwend, he said because daddy's his best fwend. Then about 2 minutes later, he had changed his mind, and guess what mommy?! You can be my best fwend! Oh I can? Yes you can be my best fwend, and daddy's my best fwend too!

I love these conversations. They are about nothing, but so much at the same time.

Yesterday they went on a nature walk for "school" time at daycare. They learned about the leaves, and the different colors. The neighbor was nice enough to talk to them about the deer that come and eat his apples and rub up against the tree. KM stood there and listened intently. He was sucking his thumb and rubbing the cuff of his shirt. I hate that I miss things like this. I know we can go on our own walks and do our own things. I guess it just makes me think of how I would really like to be at home with him. I like my job, most days. And it helps to pay the bills, and some days I just can't deal with him. But I think overall, I would really like to be a stay at home mom.

For now, we'll just keep doing what we're doing. In the mean time, maybe I can get some writing done. Maybe....