Friday, October 27, 2006

All Warm and Fuzzy

A few days ago, the King Monkey was helping fold the clothes at day care. There was a head bump in the toy room and Vicki (my aunt who does our daycare) had to run and make sure there was no blood. When she came back Kermit was not in the laundry room.

Check the bedroom -- Nope

Check the bathroom -- Nope

Must be down stairs -- Nope (by now her heart is racing. All the doors are shut, where could he be???!!)

Back upstairs and a quick peak in to the laundry room to see if he returned, she saw something out of the corner of her eye. The towels in the dryer are moving...

Kermit had climbed in to the dryer while she was gone in the toy room. Must have been nice and warm in there, so warm he hadn't moved.

He is a funny one, that Kyler Kermit. One more door that needs to be shut around him!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

I'm an Adult

My mom came over on Saturday to help watch the baby while I was working on unpacking and cleaning the house. One of my first tasks was to hang up the curtains I had just bought. I had them almost completely done, when my mom walks in and starts telling me how wrong I was doing it and that I should check the height and they should hang lower, and that there needs to be something behind them.

Then I went down stairs to hang up the blinds I had. Again with the telling me I should pre-drill the holes, and hold it out from the window and this and that and a few other things. I snapped!

"If you want to stand here all day and tell me what to do you can go home!" and I meant it. I was tired of her telling me what to do. She laughed but I was serious. This was my house and I would hang as I please. Things were much better for the rest of the day. I think it needed to be said.

I am an adult with my own child, my own husband, my own house, my own truck, my own everything and I didn't need her telling me what to do. I can figure it out, and if it's wrong, well then so be it. Since I am an adult, I will fix it.

I know she means well, but some days I am not in the mood.

Pink Eye and Birthday Parties

It's has been a while hasn't it.

The weekend of Oct. 14 - 15th, Todd and I went furniture shopping and finally made the big purchases. My mom had Kermit for the weekend and he wasn't feeling the greatest. So on our way home from shopping we dropped off some cough medicine and some Tylenol. Then home to unpack our newest addition. Sunday I went to get him and he had thrown up again. Not good, he looked like a truck had run over his face. Puffy eyes, runny nose, matted eye gunk, bruise in the middle of his forehead when he had fallen down. Like a train wreck. I took him home and the next morning same thing. He looked like he felt, usually he looks a little better than he feels, not this time. I made an appointment for him to see the doc. Called in late to work and tried to feed him something.

He had slept all night but on the way to the doc, around 8.45 he fell asleep (this for sure means he is not himself, Kermit never takes a nap that early). Well it's Pink Eye, which means no daycare and no work for momma. So I called in Pink Eye to work, no problem says the boss, see you Wednesday. I had been given 2 days off (YEAH!), so let's make the most of it and get something done around the house (after a few cuddles with the sick baby, of course!) So we sat and snuggled and cuddled and ate some lunch. Then when Kermit went down for nap time, I watched Passions. OK, so when I said get something done, I really meant I would be getting something done on Tuesday. Monday was packed full of visitors, the Blind Lady (to order our Blinds -- not that she is blind and I'm insensitive), the shelving guys, the DirecTV guys. Not much could be done until the shelving guys left. We had nowhere to set anything before they got there. Then Todd went to bowling in the middle of the DirecTV crisis. All is semi well now, just need our electricians to come back and actually do their job this time.

Tuesday rolled around and even with Pink Eye, we got a lot done around home. Stuff was sorted to rooms, and stuff was put away in the pantry, and stuff was cleaned and vacuumed and mopped, and the office was put together. It was a productive day. I left the house with good intentions of going to work around Noon, but wouldn't have actually gotten to work until 1, Kermit still wasn't feeling the greatest and was hungry and tired, so we turned around and headed back to the barn (home). He needed momma time and I was not about to deny him that! Later that night, some friends came over to plan a trip, so we had pizza and talked. It was a nice visit.

The rest of the week went fairly smoothly. Husband left to go up north on Friday. He had to do manly hunting things, like build tree stands and drink beer. He actually hates going up their but goes only for his dad's sake. His dad was happy as a lark.

I got to do some more shopping for the new house. Curtains, and curtain rods, and sheets, and rugs. It was so much fun. I tried not to go over board and think I did a pretty good job. Only buying what we really needed right now. And the best part is I got them all hung up already.

Guest Room: CHECK (as in done.) It is officially Bed and Breakfast cute and ready for guests! Which I am super excited about because, next weekend I'll have my first guest!!

Yesterday we had some friends over to watch football. Great food, great company, and a great new friend for Kermit. Our friend's new girlfriend's son (did you follow all that?) -- is about the same age as our monkey. They had a very good time playing together. Then after they left, we had a very special Birthday Uncle to go and visit. Uncle Leo had turned 2 yesterday, so we had to go and give him some kisses.

And you wondered why I hadn't written in a while -- we've been busy.

I am hoping to get on a more regular schedule with my writing. I would like to be more diligent about it. I like getting my thoughts out of my head and written down. Makes room for more song lyrics!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Last night I was doing a quick load of laundry. Stole the Bee-Bee (blanket) from Kermit and washed it. He had had a bloody nose a few days ago, and I didn't get a chance to wash it since. So I threw it in the washer with no issues. But when it came time to get it in the dryer, he happened to see it. It was getting close to his bedtime and he started crying. Meanwhile,Todd had jumped in the shower, he was keeping Kermit occupied while I was doing other things. I put the Bee-Bee in the dryer, but it was no use. Kermit stood next to the dryer and cried and cried, "Bee-Bee, Bee-Bee!) I thought we were going to have to stand there for 45 minutes until it was dry. Luckily, once dad got out of the shower, he distracted him and things were better until it was dry. He was even trying to open the door of the dryer to get to it. He stood at the window in the door and just cried. It was too, too cute.

Funny, how the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I have pictures of myself as a child, standing in the yard, sucking my thumb and with my other hand, holding the corner of my Strawberry Shortcake blanket while it was clothes-pinned to the clothes line trying to dry.

Then after all that, we finally get him in bed and get him to go to sleep, until about 11 or 12. He woke up crying so dad went and got him and brought him in bed with us. I know, I know you're not suppose to do that, but we were tired and didn't care. We should have though, he was up until 2AM bouncing around the bed and attacking dad, because he thought it was funny and we were playing a game. Finally at the end of my very sleepless rope, I scooped him up, hauled him back to this own room, layed him down and went back to bed. He cried for a few minutes, but it didn't take long for him to go back to sleep.

This morning was a LARGE cup of coffee morning.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Little Shite II

Kermit also thought it would be a good idea yesterday to take his diaper off at daycare and crap and pee on the floor, right there in the kitchen. Why he does this I'll never know? Earlier in the day, he was the daycare streaker-- running around the house in nothing but his birthday suit.

He is getting too big for his britches. But I love him to pieces. We are considering having another one, but I am a little unsure. 2 kids in daycare, 2 daycare prices, 2 mouths to feed, 2 butts to change, 2 babies who love us, 2 kids to kiss at night, 2 rooms to decorate. There are good and bad sides, I am leaning more towards having one, than away from it. Just worried how we'll do it. Do I keep my job, and try to do it, do I stay at home? Do I work part time?

All questions, I will only answer when the time comes, I hate to plan too far in advance. Not really my style to plan out my life. I can't even plan dinner at 4:00 in the afternoon.

We'll know when the time gets here.

Moving Day

My cousin and I have a standing tradition that every year we celabrate "Moving Day". I started in 2002, when I was exiled out of the state of California by an ex-boyfriend. This guy was a real peach. I was told one weekend, "you need to move back to MN, your family misses you and we should leave on Friday." This was after I had found him, dirty dancing with a disgusting ho, to which he replys, he was helping our roommate "get some". Too much energy was already wasted on him in this post, if you want more details, ask me.

Anyways, back to Moving Day.... We started this tradition the day I got back in to MN, we picked up some alcohol and went home and got drunk. Moving Day was more of a moving on with your life and the changes that come, than it was about actually moving. But it seems almost every year since, one of us has actually moved. The first year was 2002, back from CA. The second year 2003, I was engaged, planning a wedding, building a new house and living in the city. So we celebrated by drinking heavily (my cousin and I). The third year 2004, my cousin was moving to MT to take a new job, moving day was celebrated about a month later than normal in May of that year, {Moving Day is actually April 26}. We had moved her out of her apartment and then took a road trip with her dad to MT. The fourth year 2005 was marked by us chatting on the phone and reminising over times past. We would recount all the stupid and fun things we have done on Moving Day, and how much our lives have actually changed since that fateful, wintery April night when I showed up on her door step crying. Since we weren't together on moving day, we had to celebrate separately. But then in the Fall of 2005 we got to do it right, she moved back from MT for the winter. We drove half way across the country once more together. Then in the Spring of 2006 (Aprilish) we got to pack up once more and move her back to MT, for the 6th moving day, this trip happend to coincide with the original day. Each time we would grab a 6 pack and drive (this was a Moving Day tradition and only one was missed when we weren't together). We even have a theme song. Jessica Andrews, There's More To Me Than You. Check it out, this is the exact thoughts I had on the first Moving Day, but the sound track wasn't discovered until the 2nd.

So this year, was once again marked with us being on opposite sides of the US. She is still in MT and I am here in MN. I did call her at a very early time and sing almost the entire song on her voicemail, which I knew would get big laughs, mostly because I am a HORRIBLE singer.

We moved Saturday into our new house, it was a beautiful day and plenty of beer was drank, but it just wasn't the same without her. Sometimes, I feel like my life is moving on with out her and other times I feel like she is moving on with out me. We always end up in the same places, just every once in a while, one of us is left behind for a few months. It's not a competition. But when she moved out to MT for the first time, I was jealous. It was so beautiful out there. She made all these great new friends, and here I was in MN doing the same old things I used to. I was married and settled down. I sometimes wanted to be free to run. Other times, (like this year) I am very happy to be settled down and I know she is a little jealous. She loves my husband ( I do too, :) ), but I know she wants what we have. We have a wonderful son and good jobs, but every now and then, I would like to pick up and move, just to see what it would be like somewhere else. That's the trouble with life, you are always wanting something more, something different, something new, something you can't have, something on the other side of the fence. The grass is always greener....

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Little Shite

The other day, Kermit thought it would be a good idea to take a dirty diaper from the garbage bag and turn it upside down, shite side down, and rub it all across the floor at daycare. When I showed up that day to pick him up, I was given the "pink slip". Which really means nothing, as my aunt was trying to be funny. But one day I fear I will show up there and he will be out on the step.

He's not a naughty boy, and he wasn't doing it for attention. He's just Busy and in to mischief.

I told her if she watched him more, he probably wouldn't have been in the garbage. :) We both had a big laugh. He is too cute. Wasn't really that funny at the time, since it took 30 minutes to clean it up thoroughly.

Last night, Ammma (Grandma) was watching him while I cleaned the new house. Her favorite this is to give him a bath so he smells clean, even when he doesn't really need one. Anyways, bathtub time, he got out and she likes to comb his hair into a cook-a-dook, but since it's a little long on the top it falls over. Last night, she put a spounge roller in it until it dried. Then later he was carrying Aunties purse around. He is my little princess. His hair sure did look cute in it's little curl on the top of his head. Todd just laughed about it this morning.

Monday, October 02, 2006

So much to say

This weekend Kermit decided it was a good time to learn to crawl out of the Pack n' Play. Normally, he sleeps in a crib, but since we are without a home at the moment, he has been sleeping in the Pack n' Play. This makes it very easy for him to get out of his bed at night. Luckily there was nothing for him to get hurt on, except the bed, which he likes to go 'jumpie, jumpie' on. So Todd got up and poked his head in the Kermit's room, only to find him jumping on the bed and everytime he was in the air he would say 'daddie'! Pretty cute, but very dangerous. He would never crawl out when it was dark out, he can't see anything, but it was morning so he was ready to get out of bed for the day. Makes your heart stop to think of him hitting the wall in the bedroom. When we were watching him jumpie, jumpie while trying to get him ready the next morning he was jumping with absolutely no fear. Almost hit the wall and the head board in one jump. Time to build a roof over his bed!

Baby X has been named -- Roman James. Cutest little thing. Same initials as my dad. Lots of dark hair and so very snuggly. I have held him a few times, can't wait for more.

In the process of trying to clean our new house. Tell me again why I signed up for that? It is so hard to get anything done, when you don't have someone to watch the monkey. We had to wait for my mom to get done with church so she could baby sit while we went to work on the house. By the time we got down there it was already 1.00. Then the Twins were playing so not much work was done, I had to listen to the game. We're in a playoff hunt you know. And since you know so much about it, we won the division and are set to play again on Tuesday at home. Which by the way, sucks that NY got all the night games. Might have to take a LONG lunch to watch the Twins on TV during the day. Maybe I can stream it live on my computer. Shhhh, don't tell the big guy.

Todd went to the Dr. today to have his 'heart attack' checked out. Turns out it really wasn't a heart attack (which we actually thought it was for a little bit), but instead just really really REALLY bad heart burn. They ran a bunch of tests and are going to get back to him. He couldn't eat for the last 4-5 days. That's right 4-5 days with out eating more than church mice do. It burned too bad to swallow. That's normal -- Right? At least that's what my husband thought. I couldn't get him to go in for the life of me, or rather him.

That sums up the weekend. Wish I had more Kermit stories, but he was pretty tame this weekend.