Thursday, December 14, 2006

Once upon a baby...

Kermit is not feeling well again -- I think this time it's teething. He has lots of dirty diapers and they are giving him diaper rash. He comes and tells you as soon as it happens, doesn't want to sit in it. It makes his butt hurt. (This might jump start the potty training!) Last night it was SUPER melt down night. He cried from the time we got home until he went to bed -- only about an hour, but it was a LONG hour. He even asked to go to bed, he had enough of the day. Slept all night. This morning he woke up in what seemed like a good mood. But he whined most of the way to daycare. Then when we got there, he wouldn't let go of me. Didn't want me to leave. Fi Fi took him and he cried when I left. Shortly after that he bit one of the kids at daycare. Later in the week, I took him to the doctor. $30.00 shot in the ass, we weren't even there 25 minutes and the doc tells me it's the stomach flu and there is nothing they can do for it. It has to run it's course. GRRRR. He is much better today (I started this post about a week ago and am now getting around to finishing it). Back to normal, but what a rough week.

Last night at dinner he was in his highchair and wearing on my last nerve. He asked for milk and I told dad not to give it to him until he says "peas" (please), but instead of saying please he try's to be extra adorable and puts both hands under his chin with his elbows sticking out, the way you do for a photo, and grins his cheesy grin. With out saying the appropriate word, dad gave him the milk anyways. I took it away and there was crying, but he needs to learn, he is usually very good using his manners. (In hindsight, I should have just let him have the milk, since he wasn't crying and all....)

Then we spent what seemed like years (which was actually about 30 minutes) trying to take some pictures in front of the fireplace for a Christmas card. We didn't get in to a studio to have them taken, but I wanted updated pictures to go out. So I decided to take them myself. Some turned out pretty cute, but he is so very fast. Anyways, we got that handled and I ordered them online at Archiver's. They do such a fantastic job. That is where I ordered some of the presents we are giving, at there Personal Print Shop. We ordered the books. The turned out better than I could have ever expected. I am pretty sure the cards will be the same case.

This weekend is Christmas with my dad's side of the family. Looking forward to it, I like that side of the family when everyone gets together. We always have such a good time.

This will be Kermit's 2nd Christmas and it's fun to watch him exploring the new things like the tree and the stockings. He tries to put them on thinking you wear them. "Sok" he says, this one LOVES his "sok's". Cries when he doesn't have any one, or you are about to put {gasp} the wrong pair on. We love him anyways!! It will be fun to watch him on Christmas Eve opening presents. I know he won't care much about what is actually wrapped up for him, but am looking forward to watching him play in the paper.