Thursday, November 08, 2007

Lots Of Things About Me

  1. I love the way a new box of Crayola Crayons smells.
  2. I don't like rice crispys bars or marshmellows.
  3. I waited until I was 18 years old to have sex for the first time.
  4. I HATE tuna fish. I once threw up an entire can of it in Perkins, and haven't eaten it since. I was 6 at the time.
  5. I love all 80's music.
  6. I once spent 2 weeks trying to find the $0.05 mistake in my checkbook so that it would balance.
  7. I love to cook but hate to do the dishes.
  8. My husband proposed to me while driving down the road, smoking a cigarette.
  9. I love red roses and lilacs.
  10. I believe in fate & karma. Things happen for a reason.
  11. I only drink ice tea in the summer months. It's summer drink.
  12. I love to watch baseball and football. I'd rather watch them on TV, at home on the couch than in person.
  13. The first time I ever got drunk was at a neighbor's graduation party. It was the summer before I went in to 8th grade. My dad took me home passed out.
  14. I HATE when girls refer to their guy at "Mr. Big". There is only 1 Mr. Big and he was on Sex in the City.
  15. I've had my license suspended for too many speeding tickets.
  16. I owned my first home at 21.
  17. I own chaps and wore them in Sturgis.
  18. I have 5 brothers and 1 sister. My youngest brother is 1.5 years younger than my son.
  19. I grew up on a farm and don't know how to drive a tractor, but know how to bail hay.
  20. I used to clean new construction houses as a job in high school.
  21. I have been to Mexico deep sea fishing and caught some Yellow Fin.
  22. I moved to California when I was 19 for 4 months.
  23. I have moved 10 times in 7 years.
  24. I don't eat leftovers but will put them in the fridge anyways, just so I can throw them out later.
  25. I used to mark my sox with nail polish so they were easy to match up when clean.
  26. I like to drink my Morgan with Diet Coke, but will usually drink Diet Pepsi, if there is no Morgan in it.
  27. I once sold all my Cd's and bought all Christian one to replace them.
  28. I am a 34B.
  29. I used to crash weddings in high school for something to do on weekends, so I could dance.
  30. I am the calm one in a crisis.
  31. I have met Chi Chi Rodriguez and have his autograph. He's very funny.
  32. I love to scrapbook, but hardly ever do.
  33. I will drive across country to move a family member and have done it several times. I LOVE A ROAD TRIP!
  34. I have never broken a bone and my only stitches were for my C-section.
  35. My parents got divorced when I was 8.
  36. I love Chinese food.
  37. Things I'm good at -- being a mom, organizing, budgeting, scrap booking, doing laundry, cooking and baking, balancing a checkbook.
  38. I will drunkenly call you over and over and over again until you shut your phone off in the middle of the night, at which point I will keep calling and leaving you random songs on your voicemail. Because at 3 am I am a REALLY good singer.

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Auntie said...

Funny thing...I knew ALMOST all of that about you and love you anyway. In 7 years I've racked up 14 moves several of which to the same place.