Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I couldn't be on a better roll

So that New Year's Resolution of posting everyday, and starting way back at the beginning of December in hopes of creating a good habit long before I actually needed it..... Yeah, um, about that.

Just like everyone else we had a busy Christmas/New Years. I worked every day surrounding said holidays, except the actual holiday's themselves. This made for not much time off and not much getting done around the house. Not to mention we managed to squeeze 2 Vikings games in to the weekends. I still have Christmas overflow all over my dining room table. Lucky for us we usually eat in the kitchen anyways.

And because things are not nearly busy enough, I've taken on more work at work (Yeah for responsibility!), I have started a new business venture, we booked a trip to Mexico, and we are planning out Husbands future goals and objectives for his business and have set up a few meetings. Oh also not to mention, we have a wedding reception and a baby shower coming up, a Super Bowl party, then Mexico and then KM birthday party to get planned and throw all before the end of February. That's pretty much EVERY WEEKEND between now and then.

As they say, No rest for the wicked. And I don't mind being busy, I just don't like it when things are SO busy that it seems like I don't ever see the Monkey's. But I guess that is one of the prices I will have to pay as a parent to be able to give them the life style they deserve. Husband and I are working more to be able to provide them with what they need. We are taking on more work to be able to have more money.

Today it is -800 degrees F. Or maybe -8. Whatever, they feel about the same. I don't mind the weather except when I have to drag the Monkey's in and out of the truck.

KM said to me the other day, "I learned my lovely manners, from a lovely lady." And he said lovely in a way that I could just feel it come from the very bottom of his heart. I can't even explain how much I love him lately. He has been so polite and helpful and playful with QM. He has been patient and kind when he didn't get his way right away. Or he had to wait because I was feeding her. He would just wait and ask again in a bit. I don't know how I raised him to be so wonderful already, but if he keeps this up, I might have to, well, I don't know what I'll do, probably buy him a pony. He deserves it.

QM on the other hand is wearing me out. She barely sleeps at night and when she does, I think it's only so she can make sure she's up again in 2 hours. I wake up in the morning feeling like I haven't slept all night, and have to get up and GO GO GO. I don't mind and am getting used to the sleep deprivation, but it is wearing on me. For a while there she had me fooled in to thinking that she would sleep all night. She had slept through the night for a few nights in a row. I thought I was done with the 1, 3, 5, 7 am feedings. That was just a test to see if I was paying attention. Oh dear was I. I miss those nights of uninterrupted sleep. Amma was over on Sunday and asked me why I didn't come and get her to take a shift in the middle of the night. I said it wasn't her job to get up with QM when I was at home. Plus it probably worked out better because then I got to go and take a much needed nap and got lots of hours of sleep and all in a row and she did my laundry. OH HOW I LOVE THAT WOMAN!

So I really do care about my one reader and the occasional people that stop by, so here I go again making empty promises... I'm going to try harder for you! There I said it. Until tomorrow. I guess if I could just figure out how to do it from my phone, at least then I would be able to update a bit more often. I'll work on that.