Monday, July 14, 2008

I would eat him if it were legal!

Saturday, Auntie took some pictures of KM and I. He has been the super cutest with my belly and I knew I would be disappointed if I didn't take some pictures of him with it. It was super super windy out, but they turned out really cute. The one of us standing and he's kissing my belly -- I'm totally having this framed. I figured since Auntie is going to go to school in the fall for photography, I would let her have a shot at it. I think she did a great job. I am also going to have her take some once the baby is here. Which by the way that I feel, may be today. I feel like total crap and have doctors appointment at 12.45. If not before, then at the very least this baby will make her appreance next Monday, July 21st. We have scheduled a c-section. Also, I have her "room" done. We finished it yesterday with the help of my mom. She is God's gift to mothers and I don't know what I would do with out her.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

In My Head All Day

I can't stop listening to this song. I love it!!! Reminds me of being young and in love -- you know, High School love. Carefree, nothing to do all day, go to parties at night, flirt with boys, dancing in the bed of trucks (something I know a thing or two about.)

I guess I'll never be back there since baby number 2 is only days away. But I can dream right?!

Aww Blast! (Part 2)

I've already posted the cute things KM has done lately. So now I'm making good on my promise to post about the spill I took because I'm a clumsy pregnant lady. It's really not that interesting. I was walking in my mom's garage to tell Husband what things to pack up after the graduation party. He picked them up and was carrying them outside. I was shortly behind him and was looking for my pop. I triped over the handle on the cooler and took a spill with my huge belly. Lucky for me there was another cooler out in front of me and I fell with my arms landing on that. If that hadn't been there, I probably would have ended up on my belly and that would have been bad. I scraped my knee and tore my pants. It was kind of weird because it swelled up instantly. It was huge lump. I had to ice it a bit and it really hurt still the next day. But really no harm done, thankfully. I had to go to the doctor a few days later and the doctor asked me if I had been skate borading. I told her no, that I fell because I was so front heavy.

Like I said, really not that interesting of a story, but there you have it finally. Notice I started this post on 7/10 and today is 8/22. I guess I kind of forgot.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Life according to KM

"Pregnant means you ate your baby."

Amma asked him how does the baby get out -- "When she's done cooking, she comes out."

"Mommy, I had a good sleep."

KM picked out a onesie for the baby and I asked him what it said on the front. He held it really close to his face and said, "Dear shirt for the baby."

KM was eatting treats with Amma at our house and told her that he had to eat ALL the treats so he could get a big belly like mommies.

"Mommy, you're the sweetest mommy." (I had turned on cartoons for him.)

"Mommy, you're such a good mommy." (I had got up at 6am to put in CARS for him."

Oh Baby

So here it is a whole week later and I am still just as tired. I swear, it feels like I haven't slept in days. KM crawled into bed last night around 2 am. He is such a little bed pig. For being only 3 feet tall, he takes up the room of a giant man. I love to snuggle with him this is why I don't leave and go to sleep on the couch. But I really should have. I get much better sleep. I guess it's because I feel guilty that soon there will be a new baby and if he does come to sleep with us, there will be less room, or he won't be allowed at all to sleep there. I haven't decided what I'll do yet. Plus, I'll have less time for him and I'm trying to soak up as much KM time as I can.

I went to the DR last week and finally got some answers as to what I should do. I was hoping that a VBAC was an option, but with the litter I am carrying, they suggest that I do a repeat c-section. I guess that's fine too. It's nice to know one way or the other. They are measuring her at 8 lbs, +/- 9 oz. Still, she's a fatty. Or I mean, healthy baby girl. So the clock is ticking and I don't feel all that ready. I have diapers, and clothes and wipes. Husband finally built a changing table and her corner is mostly done. But I guess it's because Husband and I can't decide on a name. I have one I like and he has one he likes and they are similar, but we have not agreed. We also don't have a third name that we both like. With KM, he had a name, I had a name and we had a compromise name that we both liked. Not the case this time.

So it looks like it's down to about 2 weeks and Butch (this is what KM calls her) will be here. I suppose I better hurry up and get ready. I have been trying to plan ahead a little with meals and supplies for around the house, but it seems like everytime I cross something off my list of "that will make life easier", I come up with 3 more to add to it to get done before then. No matter what I'll never be ready. But lucky for me, my mom has a bunch of time off and is going to take some and come and help me. Plus Husband will be around, and my aunt has offered to come and help. I suppose I could just give up a little control over everything and let them (KM and Husband) fend for themselves a bit. Husband, when given the chance always steps up to the plate and makes it work. It's just that I rarely give him the chance.

Maybe my problem is, I like things the way they are, even though I really want another baby. I'm sort of feeling like things will never be this great again. KM is so very cute and wonderful, and once she's here, EVERYTHING will be different and I'm really hoping that is doesn't change him. I don't want him to be jealous or feel neglected. I have this feeling that once she's here, even though he's very excited, he'll be a different kid. I guess that's just how it goes and we'll roll with it.