Thursday, July 10, 2008

Aww Blast! (Part 2)

I've already posted the cute things KM has done lately. So now I'm making good on my promise to post about the spill I took because I'm a clumsy pregnant lady. It's really not that interesting. I was walking in my mom's garage to tell Husband what things to pack up after the graduation party. He picked them up and was carrying them outside. I was shortly behind him and was looking for my pop. I triped over the handle on the cooler and took a spill with my huge belly. Lucky for me there was another cooler out in front of me and I fell with my arms landing on that. If that hadn't been there, I probably would have ended up on my belly and that would have been bad. I scraped my knee and tore my pants. It was kind of weird because it swelled up instantly. It was huge lump. I had to ice it a bit and it really hurt still the next day. But really no harm done, thankfully. I had to go to the doctor a few days later and the doctor asked me if I had been skate borading. I told her no, that I fell because I was so front heavy.

Like I said, really not that interesting of a story, but there you have it finally. Notice I started this post on 7/10 and today is 8/22. I guess I kind of forgot.

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