Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I am not good at this

I am really no good at keeping up on this. Even though I think about it almost daily. Then I find something else that needs to be done and don't come back to make a post.

Life has been, well life lately. Nothing overly exciting going on. I am pregnant, which most people would find pretty exciting, I however, and keeping it low key for now. We've been through this before where it did not end well and I am trying not to get my hopes up. At least not just yet. Plus I have been feeling very yucky every night, and it's hard to be excited about that. Due at the end of July, right about Amma's birthday as a matter of fact. Guess I can cross "Buy Amma's birthday present" off my list!! Husband has been great. He takes good care of me when I feel like ASS. KM has been his normally cute self. He has his moments of driving me CRAZY, but then he tells me that I'm his best fwend and I guess I can forgive him one more time!

His latest thing is to tell me that I am a bad singer, and then ask me to sing him his favorite song, The Big Cow Song. So I do, because that's what mom's do.

We are in the middle of big life decisions that need to be made and we are having a very hard time with it. We know what we want to do, but there is always the money factor. We have a bit of time before we HAVE to decide, but it would be nice to be done and moved on with this before the baby arrives.

And as always, I am still hoping to write that book. I know seems silly, what do I have to write a book about? I think my life is sort of interesting and I have lived and learned a lesson or two about a couple of topics. But does that mean anyone else will want to read my book, or think it's worth publishing? And do I write all my stuff in one book, or could I be interesting enough for more than one book? And on top of all that, how would I even go about finding someone who wants to publish said book? And even if I did find someone who wants to publish it, since I am so fantastic at keeping up on the writing thing (ahem, see this blog), would I ever actually write it and be done with it? I guess I get my self sort of excited when I ready Stephanie's blog, Greek Tragedy. She is publishing her 2nd book and it will be out in May. It was only this past September I believe that she had finished with her rough draft. She makes it seems so simple and easy, and I think to my self, "I could do that." But, alas, here I am, not writing on this blog or on a book that I would hope one day to publish. So for now, I'll just keep keeping the notes that I have been and hopefully it will one day write it self in to a book.

Until that day happens, I'm going to once again, try harder to post more.