Thursday, November 01, 2007

Where does the time go?

It has been crazy busy at the moment. No time for anything it seems. Had a good weekend in Sioux Falls last weekend. A story for another day.

It seems like it was just the beginning of October and here we are November 1st. One day I will have time to do it all. For now..... I'm just trying to keep up with life.

The last few days at work have been non-stop, I like it but not much time for anything else. Except for the dentist. I HATE the dentist. Have to go to the dentist for the first of 2 appointments to have a crown put on. YUCK! My mouth already hurts.

When I get a minute I will write down all the boring details of my life in the last few weeks.

Until then.... we'll nothing clever to say now.

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