Thursday, October 05, 2006

Little Shite

The other day, Kermit thought it would be a good idea to take a dirty diaper from the garbage bag and turn it upside down, shite side down, and rub it all across the floor at daycare. When I showed up that day to pick him up, I was given the "pink slip". Which really means nothing, as my aunt was trying to be funny. But one day I fear I will show up there and he will be out on the step.

He's not a naughty boy, and he wasn't doing it for attention. He's just Busy and in to mischief.

I told her if she watched him more, he probably wouldn't have been in the garbage. :) We both had a big laugh. He is too cute. Wasn't really that funny at the time, since it took 30 minutes to clean it up thoroughly.

Last night, Ammma (Grandma) was watching him while I cleaned the new house. Her favorite this is to give him a bath so he smells clean, even when he doesn't really need one. Anyways, bathtub time, he got out and she likes to comb his hair into a cook-a-dook, but since it's a little long on the top it falls over. Last night, she put a spounge roller in it until it dried. Then later he was carrying Aunties purse around. He is my little princess. His hair sure did look cute in it's little curl on the top of his head. Todd just laughed about it this morning.

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