Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Arizona -- The Grand Canyon State

Or what I would like to refer to as the most wonderful state ever! OK, maybe not ever, but we did have a great time. Very relaxing, even though we were only there for 5 days. I would go back again. The area we stayed in was really nice, Chandler AZ.

It was a little weird being there with a bunch of guys. 7 guys and myself. Not that out of the ordinary since they are all our friends from back home. It's just that when we normally hang out, there is at least 1 other girl there. Oh well, doesn't bother me. What does bother me is when a friend of ours gets drunk, he acts like a total ass. I have know Brian since we were in 6th grade. We were in the same class and we hung out all the time. Along with 2 other friends, we were kind of the 'brat pack'. We'd look for ways to get in trouble, or better yet, get things that we didn't really deserve.

In our 6th grade classroom, there was a couch. It was really cool. None of the other teachers had a couch, or a tee pee. If you weren't feeling well, or were extra awesome that day, you'd get to sit on the couch. You would also get to bring one person along with you. This was the same for the tee pee, if you were awesome. The 4 of us would scheme to get to sit on the couch or the tee pee everyday. Most days it was either Brian and Ryan or Amanda and I on the couch/in the tee pee. How much trouble could we cause really, we were in 6th grade. But we did our best to get the best every day. Sitting in the tee pee meant sitting on the floor, but for some reason, that was SO MUCH COOLER than sitting at our desk.

Anyways, I've know him for the better part of my life and we have always been good friends. When we were in Sioux Falls for a wedding last fall, we all went out for Halloween. He got really drunk and started fighting with one of our other friends. This is nothing new. If one of our evenings doesn't end up in a fight, we haven't really done our job. So he was pissed. We left the bar, and I was asking him what happened. I wasn't looking to take sides, the fights are always over something stupid. But he wouldn't talk to me or tell me anything. Finally he turned to Husband and said "She better shut her mouth! She doesn't talk to me! I'm not fucking talking to her!" None of it was directed at me, all the Husband. Kind of like 'you better check your woman!' Whatever drunky!

Same thing in AZ. We were on our way home from a wedding that had been going on all day. We got to the church at 1, left at 2 for the reception. The took pictures after the ceremony, so we had about 4 hours to kill while waiting for the wedding party to be done. We went and ate then bellied up to the bar. Cocktail hour, dinner, more open bar and pretty soon it's Midnight. It was time for me to drive everyone one. Fuck around, fuck around, everyone was in the car ready to go. Except for Brian. He was standing around trying to pick up girls from the wedding (keep in mind he has a girlfriend of 3.5 years). Finally we get him to get in the car so we can leave (and so he doesn't have to take a cab), and we are on our way back to the hotel. Everyone was pretty much done for the night. Brian wanted to go to the bar still. I told him, we're going back to the hotel first, then I'll take you to the bar. It was already almost 1:00am. He gets pissy and calls a cab company and tells them meet us at so and so hotel, "Our friend won't take us to the bar." I'm sorry, WHAT?! I said I'd take you, but most everyone else wanted to go back to the hotel. He was just being a douche bag about it. The rest of the guys couldn't thank me enough for driving them back. They had a ride, it didn't cost them anything and they were safe and sound. Brian on the other hand, he acts like he's a god. Then I find out later, when he was re-telling the story, he makes me look like an ass. You know what, I can make you look like an ass too when I tell your girlfriend that you had sex with one of the bridesmaids in the hotel bathroom. Or about the time he picked up a random chick at our Christmas party and had sex with her too, at the hotel. How about that pal! Fuck off. When he's sober, he's smart and intelligent and can be a very nice guy. Let him have a few cocktails and he's such an arrogant prick. The problem is I'll never be away from him and his shit. His brother is the godfather of our new baby. We LOVE his brother. I just wish Brian would see that his drinking needs to slow down and he needs to start growing up.

I do believe in karma, and since he's been such a shit to his girlfriend, I know one day he'll get his. It will come back around.

Until then, I'll be planning another trip back to AZ. I need some more sunshine!

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