Thursday, May 08, 2008

Super Potty

We have been trying (not really hard, and unsuccessfully) to potty train KM. He will talk about it and tell us that he has to go potty, but when we ask him if he wants to go and sit on the potty he says NO. Then he'll tell us that he has "poopy stinks" and asks "Mommy will you change me?" He's just so cute when he does it that I can't say no.

They have been going out side at day care. Since it's so nice out, they play for a long time. But when Vicki asks if he has to go potty, he pitches a bucky fit and screams bloody murder. She even tells him that he gets to go back outside when he's done and he doesn't have to take his shoes off. Still, Nothing. So I had the genius idea yesterday of bringing the Super Potty to Vicki's. It's the little potty we got from Uncle Leo. KM was fantastic at using it one Sunday. He went pee 7 or 8 times that day with little prompting from me. I think it helped that I let him wear his big boy pantylooners (underwear). The problem is, he's not good enough at it yet to send him to Vicki's house in them. Gupa tried that last week, and KM made it about 10 minutes before he had wet pants. So today we are going to try the Super Potty. I thought maybe if he doesn't even have to go inside to go potty, maybe that would help. I'll be interested to see how he does. He's so close. He knows when he has to go, and he's not afraid to sit on the potty. But still, he would rather go in his diaper. I've tried lots and lots of bribing. Candy when he goes, 2 candies when he asks and then goes. I told him when he learns to go all the time we'll go to the store and he can pick out a toy. He's been asking for a Transformer. So when he learns to go, we'll go and get one. But still, even with all the bribing and incentives it's just not enough to tip the scale.

Maybe this weekend we'll have some time to work on it. We're having low key family weekend. You know the boring kind where you clean the house and do laundry. And since it's Mother's day on Sunday, we're going out to brunch then home for more nothing. He really likes wearing the panty-wooners. He feels like a really big boy. Maybe this what we need to focus on. That and more treats!

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Auntie said...

We're doing pretty good here at our house. Kylynn (also KM...hmmm) was 3 days without an accident. She had a little set back today looking for someone to help even though she's been able to do it all by herself. We're so proud. She is still asking for treats. That's the downfall of using treats as an incentive but it seems to have worked. I think that kids seem to find the time they want to do it on their own. I hope the super potty works for KM. Good Luck!