Friday, May 09, 2008

With friends like these, who needs enemies...

Our "friends" are still jerking us around on some money they owe us. We can't figure out why either. J & K had Husband re-steel their shed. It was insurance work and none of the money was coming out of their pocket. And because Husband had to race over there one day when the insurance agent was coming out, J & K got an extra probably $20,000.00. They wouldn't have gotten this amount had it not been for Husbands sweet talking. So he bid the job like he would any other and got it. He did them a big favor in the whole deal. They got their first check probably a month before Husband even started. Then Husband did the work and turned in a invoice. This was well over a month ago, close to 2 months ago. Still we've seen half the money. THAT'S RIGHT, HALF OF THE MONEY THEY WERE PAID BEFORE HE EVEN STARTED. We've tried calling and being nice, but in the end they (J & K) play good cop/bad cop. When you talk to one, they have to talk to the other one. I swear neither one of them know what the fuck is going on in their business. When they did actually pay us half of it, they acted like somehow, they were doing us a big favor by even giving us half. Excuse me, didn't Husband do the work for you? Didn't he save you some money? Didn't he save you some hassle and get the job done right away like he said he would? And you are going to pretend like you are doing US a favor? FUCK OFF!

Recently we also found out that they are pregnant and due in the fall. Nice friends, they didn't even bother to call and tell us that. I guess I don't care really. They are going to make crappy parents. They will be worse than any helicopter parents you've ever met. I know I've said I'm done with their friendship and I don't want or need it any more so why care that they didn't call? It's because they don't really know that I'm done with them. I have been trying to play nice so that we can get the other half of our money. If it were anyone else, they would have paid them. But they think we don't need the money. IT'S NOT UP TO YOU TO DECIDE IF WE NEED THE MONEY OR NOT! Remember -- you're not part of our family and don't know what kind of bills and expenses we have each month. You don't know what that money will be used for, so who are you to decide if we really need it or not.

I also think that they spent it on other things so they no longer have it. They came over at the beginning of April and we had dinner (I'll let you guess who cooked) and they spent quite a bit of time telling us about the new dump trucks they bought for the business. (The pole shed is company property, not personal.) They also were telling us about the new truck they bought for J's brother and how they spent so much money on it, that when you look at it, all you can see it dollar signs. Hmmm, I wonder where our money went? It's funny too, because about a year ago, all J could talk about was how stupid it is to own your own dump truck. (My boss has 3 of them). "There's no money in it. It's cheaper to hire someone else. What you don't realize is how much upkeep they are," and so on. Now, conveniently enough, they just bought 2. J will find any reason to put someone else down just to make himself look/feel better.

I just feel like every time they get a chance, they try to screw us. Even in simple ways. Like when we go on vacation with them to Florida and we rent a house, EVERY time they take the biggest and nicest bedroom. Don't you think once in a while we could all trade and take turns? Nope, J is entitled to it somehow. I think he sends someone ahead and has his name engraved.

I'm just tired of it. Looking back, I wonder why we put up with so much when we were getting so little back. I'm on my way to their side of the world for something different, but am going to call to see if they have our check. Probably not, but I'm tired of waiting. It's time to be persistent.

*** UPDATE *** I have some new news from this whole fiasco, but am so irritated right now that I can't even type it. Let's just say that Husband is a rock star. He handled himself very well, didn't get angry or yell or swear. He can be so professional. Me on the other hand, I wanted to punch K in the face or the vagina! -- I don't care if she's pregnant. She deserves it for her underhanded way of handling this. I will NEVER speak to them again. I don't care how often I see them. As far as I'm concerned, they can die a slow painful death. This is not how you treat people or "friends" and karma will come around one day and bitch slap them. (Hopefully in the vagina!)

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