Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Like Cats and Dogs

The kids have been extra cute lately. KM has been so helpful with QM and playing with her, and carrying her around. Taking dangerous things from her and giving her more appropriate toys. But they fight. Well, he tries to play and she fights. She pulls his hair, and he cries. She crawls over to him, then crawls on him trying to get what he has. If her tries to help her, or move her or protect her, she screams. She throws her fists down to the floor, sits up a little straighter and she screams. She yells at him and makes lots of noise. You know it's completely directed at him because she stares at him the whole time she's yelling. If he moves, she turns her head to yell at him some more. She is really starting to communicate her dislike.

They do play very well together too. He will help her walk, and she will crawl everywhere he goes. He shares his toys and will even help pick up after her. If he is on the bed, she wants to be on the bed, but also, he WANTS her to be on the bed. They are such great friends, and I hope it stays this way. I know they will have their fights, but I want them to like each other.

KM has been a little sensitive lately. "You love QM more than me. You don't love me." He thinks we play with her more and love her more. So I told him that we would have a special date, just me, him and daddy. We would all go golfing. But that too was the wrong answer. I told him that we'd take him golfing and QM would stay at Amma's. "BUT I'LL MISS MY SISTER," he howled/cried. Can't win for losing. (To be honest, I have no idea what this term means. I looked it up here and I still don't think it makes any sense, but am leaving it anyway.) We did end up going golfing and had a great time. He didn't even miss his sister (at least not that we heard about.)

It was such a busy weekend, but we did have some time for fun. Saturday we did some chores around the house. Husband did some yard work (mowing weed whipping etc.) I cleaned the highchair, car seat and 2 strollers. Washed them on the deck and washed the straps and covers in the washer. They were in really bad shape and needed an overhaul. After that was all done we took a nap, then Husband and I went grocery shopping while Amma (oh, lovely Amma, how I love you let me count the ways..) watched the Monkey's. $210.00 later, we left the grocery store. BLAST. Then we went home and made a feast (at 8:00 at night). We made ribs on the grill, corn on the cob -- OK really that was all we made, but it was DELICIOUS! Then we cleaned up dinner and watched Swing Vote and Valkyrie. Swing Vote was much better than Valkyrie.

Sunday, we got up and Husband and I went to Great Clips to get our hair cut. Normally we don't go there. But we were desperate. We both needed a hair cut really bad. Then we stopped and got some hair dye for Amma, went home and did her up good. :o) Then Amma and KM left and Husband, QM and I took a nap. It was really nice. After nap time we got ready quick and went to a graduation party. Met Amma and KM there. She took the kids home and Husband and I stayed to have some more beers and we ended up going out with some of my cousins. It was very good times.

Monday, we got up early thanks to Husband being a pest. We took a trip home for showers and golf clubs then picked up KM and met my cousins at the golf course. We had a great time. It was a bit on the windy side, but warm and good to be outside, working off our hangover. KM is a pretty good golfer. When he makes contact he can really hit the ball. I think he likes the driver (the screwer, screwer) the best. He was very patient and listened very well to all the golf rules I was trying to teach him. One little melt down, he threw his club and ball on the ground and said "I QUIT." He was mad that daddy had driven the cart without him. I got that settled down and promised that he could drive next time and the rest of the day went beautifully.

I like weekends like this one. We did a lot as a family and had a great time. Sometimes I feel like we are all going in different directions and don't spend much time together. This was one of those weekends that restores the faith I have in our family. The kind of weekend that reminds you that you have it pretty good and that you wouldn't want it any other way. Even with the Pink One and the Blue One fight like cats and dogs.

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