Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Not to be too topical or anything

I think it's pure bullshit that California did this. Why is it up to anyone else who you marry? Why is marrying between a man and a woman? When everyone is for separation of church and state, than why do they bring the church and the bible and their Gods and their scriptures to something that has nothing to do with any one's beliefs. It's about equal rights. It's about being treated as equal to those men and women who are allowed to marry. It's about being treated as more than a second class citizen.

I don't have any gay friends, am not close to anyone who is gay. I know some people, have met some people who are gay. I think it's up to you to chose who you want to be with. Why should I or anyone else get a say in that? I didn't ask for any one's opinion in my marriage. And even though I didn't ask, I would have been super pissed if someone tried to tell me who I can and can not marry.

It's not up to us to determine who you can be with. I just think that California did a very bad thing. They want to be a progressive state, they want to attract to all races, creeds, all sexes. You just pissed off a lot of people and will pay for this. One way or another, this will hurt you as a state California.

Equal rights means equal rights. Plain and simple.

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