Thursday, May 14, 2009

So Little Time

I have been aching to blog lately but just can't find the time to put fingers to keyboard. Queen Monkey got her first tooth this week and it has been pure hell. Well, I shouldn't say that (but see how I did anyways), she is great during the day. The part of the day when I am not with her. The part of the day she spends at daycare, in other peoples care with her Company Manners on. Then once I pick her up there is lots of pathetic whining in the car, then yelling when we get home, then more yelling at dinner time, some sqeaking at the table, some fussing and then eventually some sleep. But then between the sleep and the getting up, there is lots and LOTS of screaming bloody murder at the top of her lungs in the middle of the night, then short naps, 10-15 mins worth, then more shreeking. I feel bad for her I really do. She is in some serious pain, and no Tylenol or Ora-Jel can fix it. Plus it's my fault really. I've been wishing these damn teeth on her for quite a while now.

Last night was pretty good actually. She slept all night, but the night before and the night before that sucked donkey balls to put it politely. I was a walking zombie yesterday at work. I felt like I hadn't gotten any sleep at all. When she finally did fall asleep it was only when snuggled right up next to me in the crook of my arm and only for short periods.

She's chewing on EVERYTHING. It's kind of funny too. She will pick up the most random thing to chew on, like a tape measure, and it really is the most preferred teething ring. She set other things down to go across the room to pick it up to sit and chew on it.

Hopefully these painful days will be short lived. I hate to see her so sad and unhappy. I especially hate to see me so sleepy. :o) Like they say with everything, this too shall pass. Until then, I'm keeping a healthy supply of tape measures around.

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