Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Reasons to Smile

Lately I have a lot of things to smile about. The Monkey's are great. Our house is nice and clean (thanks to us putting it up on the market). Which brings me to another reason to smile, we will (hopefully soon) be without our house payment, or with a smaller one. We decided to sell our house and build a new one. The house is just fine, and their is plenty of room, but the lot is (by our standards) small. It's about an acre in size and this is enough room for out door activities, it is not enough room for my husband to put up a shop. He builds cabinets out of our garage and it's driving him and I nuts. It's not nearly big enough for such jobs, and therefore, pushes us over the edge of Time.To.Move.

When we moved into this house 2 and half years ago, we knew we wouldn't stay forever. Our house has a great layout and all the features one could want. I hope that it sells quickly. But then again I don't. I haven't mentally prepared for moving. We have A LOT of stuff. It's fairly organized and quite a bit of it is already boxed up. Oh, but the stuff that isn't. Kitchen's, and pantry's and closet's OH MY! ***(As I sat and typed this, Husband called and there is a showing today at our house. A family of 6 (we have 5 bedrooms), their other house fell thru, their kids are already enrolled in our school district. They told their realtor "BUY THAT HOUSE." Totally keeping my fingers crossed that it sells. They said they could close as early as May 15th -- Trying not to JINX this whole thing!!!!!)***

I've (We've) also started a new venture to bring in some extra funds. Husband and I have really taken off with it. It's going so great. We've made back our small investment and already doubled it. This makes me happy. It's like getting paid to have fun. I know that sounds silly but it really is the truth. We are hanging out with our friends and making money doing it.

Was going to type more but now am TOO EXCITED to think even. Plus I need to run some work errands. Will update tomorrow!!!

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