Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's Raining It's Pouring The Old Man is Snoring... (otherwise known as I Can't Concentrate)

This morning on my way to work (WAY behind because of stupid daylight savings time) I was singing this song. The way I sing in: He bumped his head on an OLD LOG Bed and couldn't get up in the morning. The way KM sings it: He bumped his head on A Bed, and couldn't get up in the morning. Not really that different, but KM would not let me continue to sing it my way. I had to change the words to his way. He was admit about it. He can be so stubborn sometimes.

I have done nearly nothing today at work. It's hard to concentrate with the snow falling, then not falling, then check the weather, then see if it snowed more, then I'm hungry, check the radar etc. We are in the business of snow plowing so when a storm is coming, we mostly spend our day waiting for it to get here so we can plow it away. Plus the big project I need to get done this week is on hold until tomorrow as I need to round up some paperwork to complete it.

Pulled in to get gas this morning and KM tells me: Another day, Another dollar. I asked him where he learned that, well of course Sponge Bob.

I have also been hitting REFRESH on Dooce's website, about a hundred times between yesterday and today. She was suppose to be on the Today show. I missed it on TV and couldn't find the link on their website, so I'm waiting for her to post it on hers. Can you say STOCKER? Yep, thank you very much.

We watched the new show CASTLE last night. It was much better than I thought it would be. I actually really go in to it. I hate to start watching new shows. At the rate they stick around these days, it seems like such a waste of time. I was a big fan of Dirty Sexy Money. GONE. I'm a big fan of Lie To Me*. I hope this sticks around too. But chances are it won't because stupid people like stupid reality shows. Don't get me wrong, I like my fair share of them too, but there are lots of good shows out there with actual writers instead of idiots trying to get their 15 minutes of shame, I mean fame.

Guess I should go and plan my escape. It's too early to leave for the day, but I'm going to think of a reason to do just that. Don't really feel like working. We'll see how this ends up.

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