Monday, March 02, 2009

Have you heard the one about me posting more often?

I started a post about KM's birthday party but am not in the mood to finish it. But I just realized/figured out/ learned how to post from my phone, so maybe that will spur me to post even smaller things more often. I also belive that I added my Twitter to the site, but guess I'll have to check as I don't remember.

On an un-related note, I'm pretty excited that my cousin is having a baby ANYMINUTE! Or you know, some time this week, when mother nature kicks it in gear. She's having a BOY, or a GIRL. It's pretty exciting. Can't wait to meet the little monster. I really do think it's a boy, but am secretly hoping a little for a girl so I can buy LOTS of hot pink. They are very green and yellow people, and that will be lots of fun for me. The Pinker the better. This will be her first. She'll be a great mom and I can't wait.

So once again, I'll be back. I promise. Really I swear. I'll come back to visit. See you soon.

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