Monday, March 09, 2009

Maybe if this were my day-time job...

We had KM birthday party over the weekend. We had a great time. Lots of family and friends there to help us celebrate the fact that he turned 4. And also in the last week he has gone from wearing diapers everyday all day to underwear! (snaps fingers) He's been doing great too. Only 2 accidents in a whole week and is even dry most nights. He even pooped in the potty at his birthday party. We were standing around the kitchen talking and he comes running out.

"MOMMY! Guess what?!"


"I POOPED IN THE POTTY! I had tooties and sat on the potty, then my poop fell out." (Then he turned around and more poop fell out of his pants, but I'm still confused as to how. He had both his PANTS and his UNDERWEAR pulled up. So my aunt went to go help him (she picked up the poop too to throw away) and she found more down the hallway. She put them both in the toilet and flushed it. Big mistake. KM didn't have a melt down but he did say that she's not allowed at his birthday parties anymore in case she flushes the toilet again.


I even got my act together enough to plan a craft for the party. I bought foam door hangers and little foam letters, number and shapes. I figured it was a clean project, no mess, and easy to do for little fingers. The kids had a great time. I did buy markers so they could write/draw on them also. We did frost your own cupcake instead of a big cake that would most certainly go to waste. And if that's not enough when we made the cupcakes we made vanilla, chocolate and marble. Yup you read that right, we made our own marble cupcakes. Ok, Ok they are not hard at all, but I'm trying to pat myself on the back a little. I don't DO those kinds of things normally.

Like always, it would have never happened if Amma hadn't have come down to help. She made the sloppy Joe's, and helped with the cupcakes and pretty much all the food. She also, cleaned the kitchen and watched the kids while Husband and I went shopping for last minute party stuff. I swear, I don't know what I would do with out her.

KM has officially turned 4. It's bittersweet. He's getting to be so big (Yeah, potty training), but yet he's betting so big (Boo, I miss my baby.) Guess they never stay little for long. I'm loving every stage he's growing into, but still miss the days of him being my little baby. I'll probably always feel that way. Good thing we have QM to at least pick up some of the baby slack. We'll have her to snuggle with for a while longer.

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