Friday, July 31, 2009

Mighty Life -- Inspired by Mighty Girl

  1. Grand Gestures -- 40 gifts for 40th birthday
  2. make a 1000 lovely things
  3. write a book
  4. fit back in to my wedding dress and go out on the town.
  5. visit Italy and drink cafe at a cafe
  6. finish KM and QM scrap books thru year 5
  7. Visit Alaska and see the Glaciers
  8. Go to NY city at Christmas, see Rockefeller Plaza
  9. Set foot on all 50 states -- have a few down -- many to go.
  10. Take a family road trip across the USA.
  11. Visit Norway and Sweden where my ancestors were from.
  12. Buy a Norwegian sweater from Norway
  13. See the Great Wall of China -- walk on it.
  14. Make a scrap book of all the invitations/cards we've sent out as a family.
  15. Build a new house, design and decorate every detail.
  16. Make a quilt out of the kids' clothes -- one for each.
  17. Cook/Bake a 1000 new recipes
  18. Take my mom on a trip - probably to Norway/Sweden
  19. Visit Ireland -- have a drink
  20. visit the church made of bones -- Prague
  21. Ride a trolley in San Fransisco
  22. See a space shuttle launch
  23. Go on a second honeymoon to Tahiti -- or where ever 7 days and 7 nights was filmed. (need to look it up)
  24. go dog sledding
  25. paint something to hang in our house.
  26. Visit Boston -- while Alyssa lives there
  27. Visit Washington DC -- do ALL of the tourist things.
  28. Write a blog post everyday for 1 year
  29. Watch the Twins play at Yankee stadium
  30. Figure out how to put Life List on the side of my blog.
  31. Have a campfire/bonfire on a beach (preferably in Massachusetts, they seem so much cooler there...)
  32. Re-design website and re-build it myself.
  33. Go Paint Balling (added 10/29/09)

This is a start to my list. I will add it on the side as soon as I figure out how to.

I'm totally inspired by Maggie Mason from Mighty Girl. I love that she is not afraid to dream big and put it out there for the world to see. I love that she wants to hold herself accountable for the things she dreams big to accomplish. And for that I am inspired to do the same.

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