Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jig

We had another whorl wind weekend out of town. We drove down Friday night and had a few beers on the way. And by a few I mean we had to stop 2 times. Auntie and Uncle CRat rode down with us. The 3 hour drive turned in to about a 5 1/2 hour drive. We had ourselves a really good time. The only problem is we didn't know we needed to be up and ready at 9 am to make it to the dairy breakfast. 7am came very early.

We got up and got ready. Didn't really think about the days events because Auntie and I wore flip flops to the farm. We are not that city. We did, after all, grow up on a farm. Lucky for us it was a nice day out and not muddy. We hit the diary breakfast, checked out the cows, looked around the farm and took a hay ride. Queen Monkey fell asleep before the hay ride and King Monkey nearly didn't go. He was getting bucky. After standing in line for far too long it was our turn and worth the wait. KM had lots of fun. It was beautiful day out. The sun was shining, there were hardly any clouds in the sky, more fresh air then we've had in a long time and all the family togetherness we could want. After the dairy breakfast we went over to Luan & Tony's house. They also have a large dairy farm. We spent some time with the new born calf's and feed the 3-6 month old calf's. KM was a very good helper. He had to count out 6 scoops then dump it, then 6 more scoops then dump. QM spent some time playing in the dirt while Auntie took some pictures. She ate a few handfuls. She played in the straw, in the grass, and let the cows lick her. We went for a ranger ride around the farm and saw most of the acreage he farms. It was just nice to be outside.

When we got back up by the house, we grabbed some water and played outside some more. KM wanted to golf so he hit some balls around the yard, but lucky for us it was far past nap time so it was really pleasant being near him. We kind of realized what time it was so we headed back in to town to get ready. But on the way we actually realized what time it was (Husband didn't read his watch correctly the first time) and we had about a hour more than we thought we had before we had to be to the reception. So we hit DQ for chili dogs and then went back to the hotel and took a little snooze. By the time we got up we were a little pressed for time. Thank goodness that we had extra hands to help get the kids ready for the reception. Man O' Man were they cute. I put them in their Easter outfits. Almost all of the people at the reception had not seen them yet (only the people that came with us had).

As soon as we got there it was time to eat (I said we were running behind). So we pretty much jumped in line. Got our food and sat down. Eating was very interesting. QM didn't want to stay put. She didn't want to sit on my lap and I didn't have anywhere else to put her. So I'd set her down on the floor for a while then chase her, pick her up, bring her back to the table, lather, rinse, repeat.

After eating, there was a little lull until the DJ started. A bunch of kids were on the dance floor playing together. KM wanted to join in but was being a little shy. He was watching them closely, but wouldn't venture out there on his own. We had a walker with us that must have come over on the Mayflower. It was mine and Uncle J's when we were little. (We had found it a month earlier when cleaning at Grandma's house.) So I set QM in the walker on the dance floor and before I knew it KM had pushed her in to the middle of the kids. Instant friends. They all played together. Eventually QM had had her fill of being couped up in the walker so I took her out and set her down to crawl. She crawled across the dance floor and by the time she got to the other side she had quite the following. It was like she was the Pied Piper. They all followed her where ever she crawled to, all around the dance floor. She was a great ice breaker for him. It was cute to see them exploring the new friends together as a team. Hopefully they will be this great team for years to come. Helping each other through the scary things in life.

Somewhere along the weekend I had almost completely lost my voice. We left for the reception on a Friday, but the Wednesday and Thursday prior I had to make a mad dash to Gillette, Wyoming to drop some stuff for work. I had spent 20.5 hours in a truck alone driving across South Dakota and back. What's a girl to do but sing out loud as loud as I could to myself to help pass the time. It was a fun trip but kind of long by yourself. So at the reception Husband asked me if I wanted to go and smoke. I told him no because my throat hurt a little and I figured they weren't helping much. My aunt heard me say no and said "most wife's would give anything to dance with their husbands, so when he asks you to dance, you should go." I told her he didn't ask me to dance, but to go smoke instead. She had a puzzled look on her face and wasn't about to tell me to go do that with him (she really doesn't like smoking). Plus when ever we went outside to smoke, I'd try to talk and it sounded like I had been smoking 3 packs a day for 150 years, and Husband would make fun of my voice.

KM was running low, he didn't have a nap all day. When Husband and I took a little snooze, he spent that time running back and forth between the rooms, not napping. He did pretty good considering, but had a few moments of total melt down. Eventually he just crawled into the stroller and fell asleep. QM was about the same. No real melt downs for her but as soon as she fell asleep we pretty much had to pack it in for the night. Which was okay. We had really out done ourselves the night before and I was totally ready for bed. QM had slept with Amma the night before so now it was my turn for her to sleep with me. That was super awesome until she fell out of bed at about 5 am. Mother instincts kicked in but a little late. I had scooped her up by the scruff of her jammies before she had even started crying, but she still hit the floor. REAL NICE MOM. I'll try harder next time. I'm not used to her sleeping with me and I was really tired so any moving around she did, I didn't feel.

We got up the next morning and packed up. Headed back out to Tony and Luan's for about an hour. We had to see the baby calf's one more time. It was another beautiful day out. So we walked the farm a bit more then headed for home. The kids went with Amma and Wendowin (as KM calls her). They had a made a bee line for the farm on the way down. Didn't stop to smell the roses like we did. So on the way back they decided to take the scenic route. They hit a couple scenic over looks. Stopped and got some strawberries, had a some sammiches in a park then headed for the hills.

Once they got back home, we cooked up some dinner, fed Amma and sent her on her way home. It had been a long weekend, but a really fun one. We had lots of good family fun. As they get older, it will only get better. Looking forward to the next road trip.

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