Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Things I Want

  • a huge lilac bush in my yard

  • a garden full of fresh fruits and vegitables

  • to be skinnier -- actually to be in better shape, if skinnier comes with that, great. Mostly a flatter stomach.

  • to write a book -- not really sure what about, I suppose kids or parenting.

  • a lower mortgage payment

  • a pedicure every month

  • a hot tub

  • a crafting room full of all the organizing things a girl could want. I have the room, but want the organizers.

  • time to work on sewing, I'd like to sell some stuff, but haven't made the time to sew it.

  • a completed scrap book

  • to know it's okay to take time to do some of the things I want to do (i.e. scrapbooking, sewing, reading, writing...)

  • a nap

  • to watch all 10 seasons of Friends in one sitting (or maybe one weekend)

  • to take more pictures and have more taken (by Auntie) of the kids.

  • to have a wall of family pictures

  • to travel to Washington (State and DC)

(You would think Time and Money would be on the list, but who doesn't want more of both so I'm skipping them.)

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