Monday, June 08, 2009


I'm in a very Blah kind of mood today. I think it's both the weather and the lack of rest from the weekend. We were at a wedding (I was also in the wedding) about 4 hours from home. Lots of beer (LOTS OF BEER) and little sleep make for a long weekend. I think I just needed a few more hours of sleep and then I'd be better.

Queen Monkey is getting cuter by the minute. Now when she talks and laughs and smiles you can see her 2 cute little teeth. They are poking out far enough to see them. King Monkey went with Auntie and Uncle C to see "UP" yesterday. They went to eat before the movie and he ate a lot. Then he needed pop-porn at the theatre. Then Uncle C spilled the pop-porn so they had to go and get more pop-porn and also a Ring Pop. He had a great time. Auntie said she cried at the children's movie. She's a mess. But we still love her.

So since I've had my fill of being awake today, I'm going to wrap this up and go crawl under my desk for a nap.

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