Thursday, April 23, 2009

You thought my house was clean before!

So we had a showing a few weeks ago. Their realtor thought our house was "cluttered". It may have been a bit, but we weren't expecting showings for at least another week from the day she came and we only had a few hours notice. Husband ran home, picked up best he could and we waited. She told her client about our house and said she'd get back to us. That was a Tuesday. On Thursday afternoon we found out that HE (the potential) homeowner was flying up from Arizona to look at our house. DE-CLUTTER TO THE HILT we were told. So I called in for reinforcements. MOM, if I ever had any favors with you I NEED TO USE THEM ALL RIGHT NOW. She came after work on Thursday and stayed the night. Her and Husband cleaned and cleaned and organized and de-cluttered all day on Friday. I got home about 7 after dropping off the Monkey's and working, and got to work on the house doing my fair share. Mom and I were up til 3 am. Then back up again at 8.30 to be sure we had it all done before 11.30 when he was getting there.

We left our house in search of something to do. We stopped at a friends and had a beer, then went to my mom's house so she could change clothes. Remember, she'd been at our place since Thursday after work with no change of clothes. Then we went to get something to eat then back home. We waited and waited and waited and waited. I went to get Queen Monkey from Gupa's house, and came back. Then our realtor came over to pick up some paperwork. We finally got an email from their realtor. They didn't think our lot was the size we said (the size the SURVEYOR said), they liked the craftsmanship, but whatever, they weren't putting in an offer. SAD.

Since then we had one more showing, yesterday. I was home with the kids so it worked out okay. Queen Monkey has a case of Pink Eye. Since we didn't start the drops till Tuesday around 7 pm, we weren't allowed to daycare until today. It was actually really nice. It was a nice day out yesterday. I had plenty of time to pick up the house while QM napped and KM watched a movie. No rushing around. I packed up a bag and off to the park we went. We had to be gone from 3-4 pm for the showing. We we got back from the park and our walk, there was no card left at our house. I'm not even sure if they ever did come to look at it.

It really hasn't been that hard to keep the house clean since the MAJOR.OVERHAUL.OF.2009. We have been picking up more after ourselves since we never know when we'll have a showing and it's easier for Husband to do a quick run thru than to clean the whole house. The basement rarely sees the light of day so usually it's only a few rooms that need attention. It's also sort of forced us in to better habits, of doing the dishes every night, and keeping the rooms much cleaner than usual.

Other major happenings over the past few weeks:

QM has learned to sit up by herself
Then she learned how to crawl (it's so mechanical and cute, she looks like one of those baby dolls you buy in a store. It's so very rigid.)
Then she learned to pull her self up to standing by the furniture
Then she learned to crawl up the step from the sunken living room into the entry way or the kitchen (Time for the baby gate.)
Now she follows us around the house where ever we go, she crawls and whines (just a little bit, a sorry, pitiful whine that says, Stop and Wait for ME! Boo Hoo Hoo, hoo hoo hoo. It's actually kind of sweet in it's saddness.)

So until the house sells we are in a Hurry Up and Wait situation and I.HATE.THAT.

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