Monday, September 25, 2006


The weekend was rather uneventful. Friday night was spent printing out pictures to be the daughter in law of the year. My father in law was going to a cousins reunion and I wanted him to have new pictures of the babin' cakes. So we printed a bunch for him to take.

Saturday, dropped of the babin' cakes, pick up my cousin and headed to the homestead. We cleaned up the house and installed the hardwood floors. Husband o' mine got a lot done so we went drinkin'. Had too many cocktails while listening to a really bad band. I never seen so much camel toe -- too tight pants, that are too short and too young for that old lady. Probably only in her 30's, but it was REALLY bad. Also was weird to see old grade school/high school librarian. He looked exactly the same has he did 20 years ago when I was in kindergarten.

Sunday was hung over from a handful of drinks. Should not have been hung, but was anyways. Took a nap with babin' cakes and then watched TV for the rest of the night. Todd went and put more floors in. YUCK! Only as much as he had to so the central vac guys could do their job.

Still a little tired today, am too old for such carousing. But it was nice to have quality husband/wife time.

Sometimes being boring is nice. Uneventful is good -- occasionally.

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