Thursday, September 28, 2006

Rat Baby, Rat Baby, Rat Baby!!!

For those of you who are FRIENDS fans you're already laughing.

Do I have a story to tell -- You can't make this shite up.

My step mom had a baby on Tuesday, (cute little bugger) anyways... my dad stopped by the hospital this morning to see them and she wasn't in her room. So he checks with the nurses station "oh she's in the room next door." Okay-- so he goes in to that room and she's sleeping. He didn't wake her up, but wandered back out to talk to the nurses.

Nurse: "Did you hear about last night?"

Dad: "No, what happened?"

N: Well, Step Mom was up feeding the baby at 3am and then when she was done, was going to go to the bathroom. So she wandered in there and looked in the toilet, and what did she see?????

{Wait for it}

A RAT!!!!! Swimming in the toilet!!!!! YUCK YUCK YUCK YUCK YUCK YUCK (hee bee gee bee noise -- full body quiver by yours truly)

So disgusting!!!

Step mom ran out yelling "housekeeping, housekeeping!!"

Could you imagine if she had sat down and the rat decided to bite her? Or you sit down and before you do your business, you hear a noise, but you know it's not you. Splashie, splashie, look there's a rat in the toilet.


I am so dead serious, I could not make this up. This is something that you would hear, that happened to my friends, cousins, nephews, brothers, sisters, aunts, friends,mom. But this is first hand knowledge. I still shutter when I think about actually sitting down on top of it not knowing it was there.

When I get a chance to talk to my step mom and find out more details I will update, but this is great shite!

I being a big FRIENDS buff, I know I would have yelled RAT BABY, RAT BABY, RAT BABY!! (Thank you Monica.)

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