Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Uh Huh

Kermit has an ear infection and it has not been pleasant sleeping lately. He wakes up just to cry for a few minutes then back to sleep. He has done this several times each night for the past few days.

He is really not feeling well, but did want to play for a few minutes yesterday.

His newest trick -- shake his head like a bobble head doll (in all directions) and say "uh huh" as in yes. When asked if he wanted more milk, "uh huh", should we go ni night, "uh huh".

I am hoping he feels better today, we were going to go and watch Auntie play volleyball.

Todd has only seen him breifly in the past few days, he's wondering if he still has a son. He has been working on the house and had bowling last night. So by the time he gets done each day, Kermit is sleeping.

It will be nice to all live in the same place again. While we have been building, we have not all ended up in the same house everynight.

Sure will be nice when everything is done, "Uh Huh."

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