Tuesday, September 19, 2006

And then there was 7...

My Step Mom is due on Monday, going in to be induced. I am nervous about this. Normally, her having more kids does not bother me (I've been through this twice before). But this time, I am torn.

We had a family squabble last week and things have not returned to 'normal' yet. I am a little mad at her for not letting us stay there. It had been fine for 2 months, then all of a sudden, MOVE.

I do understand her wanting us gone, once the baby is born, but we are hardly there anyways. And, AND it would only be a week or so before we'd be moved out anyways.

So now my issue is whether or not to go and see her in the hospital, or go to my brothers birthday party coming up.

It's frustrating. She doesn't want us there, but her mom is more than welcome to come and stay after the baby is born, and their Au Pair is coming to live with them shortly after the baby arrives. Why can't we just stay? Now we have to move all the things we need ( a fair amount of paraphanilia ), to move it again in about 2 weeks.

I don't really want anything to do with them for a while. I am irritated with them. We were getting along so good, and I just want to like her and be friends, but when they pull crap like this, it makes it hard.

"If it were soley up to your father, he would build an addition on to the house so you would never have to leave." Clearly it's not soley up to him, and we are clearly no welcome at this time. I don't like being Not Welcome somewhere. Especially, somewhere I want to go. I like my brothers and want to see them (they are too young to come and see me on their own, 8, 5, 2 and the new one makes 7 kidlets in this clan).

I am lost as to how to handle this, I want to be the pissed off kid, but have a feeling when it really comes down to it, I am going to need to be the bigger person and swallow my pride to keep things happy. I don't want to have to be that person. I shouldn't have to be that person in this situation. I wasn't the one who effed up.

What to do, What to do......

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