Thursday, September 14, 2006

King Monkey and his Servants

Wanted, but it was taken.

More crazy than precious most days, but he is a beautiful boy. We have our hands full when it comes to him. Who ever said "it takes a village to raise a child" -- they weren't kidding! How can one little boy take up 2 adults full time attention?

I could eat him up. He is the busiest kid at daycare, but also the cutest (maybe I am a little partial...).

Just learned to say 'please' -- still working on 'thank you'.

Was the best day of my life, the day he was born. Turns you completely upside down. But wouldn't trade it for anything. Not even a stack of hundred dollar bills!

My mom goes through withdrawals when she doesn't see him for a few days (yes you read that correctly, I said a few DAYS!)

She needs her "Binkin Pie" time. Loves to give him 4-wheeler rides. He can even ask for them. It's like he is the King and we are his servants.


Drop everything to give him a ride. Or as she tells Aannie (auntie) -- one more ride before bedtime, like he might die without it. But be sure to bring his BeeBee (blankie), it's cold outside. Too cold that any normal person wouldn't need to go for a ride that bad, but King Monkey, he definitely needs one last ride for the day.

Everytime they go around the yard they have to stop and pick an aappu (apple)

{on a side note, and the mothers will agree with me, it's hard to know how to spell things that kids say. They don't say things exactly as they are suppose to be pronounced, but it's close, and it's never spelled the same.}

If it weren't for King Monkey, I don't know what I would talk about any more. Sure I have a life and go to work, and I have friends, but he stuff is so much cuter, and more fun and just plain old more interesting than my stuff.

Money = Boring
Work = Boring
Husband = Not quite as boring, but he's no King Monkey
Paint Colors = very exciting to me, but no one else wants to hear me talk about them for more than 2 seconds.

See how boring it is, that's the only other things in my life besides him. I guess I will have to keep him for fear of becoming the crazy cat lady, who only talks about their cats.

Since no one will probably read this, it's okay that it's mostly jiberish.

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