Friday, September 22, 2006

Busy Week

Kermit has had a very busy week.

I'll re-cap the happenings:

  • Took a full can of unopened Coke and threw it at daycare and it EXPLODED everywhere in the living room. Had to bleach the carpet and wash everything.
  • Stuck his head in the toilet because the other kids were doing it, had to have his hair washed. Good thing daycare has a very clean toilet.
  • Spent 3 nights this week awake with a crying baby from ear infection. Very little sleep makes for a very tired momma.
  • Slipped on the bleachers at the volleyball game and got a nice mark on his cheek, then proceeded to fall 4 more times, luckily we were mark free from these. (Dad is like a oowie detective, everytime baby gets near him, he manages to find every single little mark on him and ask "what happened here, weren't you watching him?" Very protective that dad)
  • Was patting one of the other babies on the head repeatedly, because he thought it was funny how the baby made that noise. That noise was crying. (oopps)

Thank goodness for the weekend, Amma will be in charge and I will be off to clean the new house so we can install new floors!

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