Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Nephew Monkey

Are we going to see the baby?

Uh Huh, UnBabieeeee.

No he's not Spanish, but it seems everything these days starts with "Un" (like Uno with out the O), UnPuppie, UnDaddy, UnMommy.

He was less than thrilled at the hospital when we went to see my new brother. I should say, less than thrilled mommy was holding another baby. Yes that's correct folks, I have a brother 19 months younger than my son. Sounds strange? Not in my family. Well not any more. 5 years ago, when the first between my dad and step-mom was born, that was WEIRD. But now it's just normal I guess.

There are 7 of us now. Jake (27), ME(25), Brooke (17, a.k.a. Auntie), Noah(8), Max(5), Leo(2), and Baby X(1 day) (no his real name doesn't start with an X, but they haven't picked one yet, so we are calling him Baby X or Baby X-Men to my brothers).

Baby Brother Leo was also less than thrilled. He was too young to be jealous when Kermit was born. Leo was only 4 month old (yes folks, the math is correct, my son's uncle is only 4 months older than him).

** Tangent ** not really sure why I keep using the word "folks". This is not a word I use very often, hardly ever to be exact. But for some reason, it fits today. ** End Tangent **

So now the Kermit is a nephew again to a baby 19 months his junior. UnBabieeeee is too cute, lots of dark hair, and pretty thick. He actually (no lying) has more hair than Brother/Uncle Jake. He will be a great addition to the family.

I think Kermit will warm up fairly quickly to the idea of me holding another, after all he has to share his Great Aunt at daycare.

**Another Tangent ** I am trying to teach the monkey to say Ampee instead of Auntie, which comes out as AwwKnee anyways. Ampee is so much cuter. ** End Tangent **.

So for now I will have to watch the grab hands of the monkey while snuggling my very own new brother. Once he learns to say Nephew, I think we'll be okay.

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