Wednesday, June 04, 2008

This what it looks like to be 80 months pregnant.

I know what you're thinking -- GOOD LORD SHE'S GONNA POP ANY MINUTE! However, that is not the case, and I am actually not due for another 8 weeks. I may die between now and then.

I don't remember having this feeling with KM. I was big, but I didn't feel as "full." I am out of room to eat and breath. This baby must be about 22 pounds already. According to the ultrasound from 2 weeks ago, she was already 4 lbs 7oz then. This is 2 weeks later and if she's keeping up with the Joneses, she's about 5 and half pounds. They say after week 31 they gain about a half a pound per week. Seriously, I don't have room for 4-5 more pounds of baby. I ask her everyday if she'll move out. Then when she doesn't listen I yell at her to GET OUT! Still nothing. If this is what the next 18 years will be like, I'm in for a rough ride, and I might as well keep her inside. At least she doesn't talk back to me in there.

People keep asking me if I'm done since we'll have both a boy and a girl. I tell them to ask me again in 2 years when I forget how much I HATE being pregnant. Husband says we're done! He says he's tired of listening to me complain and that he can't go through this one more time. I tell him that when it's his uterus, he can make all the decisions he wants, but since it's mine I'll decide when we're done. :) I think I'll need to make up my mind before we get pregnant with another if that is my last one or not. I know if I do it after the fact, I'll feel like I didn't savor every minute of it. I am not a glowy happy pregnant girl. Either way, I'll complain thru it, but at least I'll know ahead of time, if this is the last time I'll do this.

Right now, I'm just looking forward to KM having a sister. He seems pretty excited we're having a baby. He lays on my tummy and 'hugs' her. He listens to see if he can hear her. He feels my belly when she kicks and gets a very excited look on his face, but doesn't say He's very gentle with my belly and will rub it when I say it hurts. Although, I think, he thinks we're having a boy. He keeps calling her Riley. He is so very gentle and peaceful and helpful with the baby at Wickty's house. She says he's not jealous at all and she thinks he'll do just fine. I'm a little more nervouse about him seeing me in the hospital. He was terrified of Husbands crutches from a few weeks ago. He wouldn't go near him to give him hugs. Luckily, I won't be in the hospital for ever, just long enough to scar him for life.

So until this baby decides to move out, I will be miserable. Too bad I can't be miserable and drunk!


Auntie JoJo said...

So what I got from that is you are wanting to do this one more time!? You'll have to if you are going to decide before you get pregnant. You know what they say you'll have as many kids as your parents did.

Shelly said...

Congrats on your pregnancy! I have enjoyed reading your blog today.