Monday, June 02, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away -- Hail Hail Come Today!

This is my goofy monkey. He's explaining what Uncle Jake does when you put the 'snow balls' in his shirt. Memorial weekend we got a big hail storm at home. Most people hate it when bad weather comes their way. Husband on the other hand was praying for more. With every 'snow ball' that hit the ground we heard Cha-Ching! Insurance work is good for construction companies.

We had a lot of fun watch KM after the storm passed and he was out in the yard. He kept picking them up and putting them in people's shirts or pants. He thought it was so very funny to watch them wiggle and giggle.

I like the last picture. KM decided to dress himself before he went outside. He needed a 'coat' so he put on a short sleeved hawaiian shirt! Plus he has his boots on with shorts. He is so very cute.

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Jolene Corrigan said...

Did you guys get much damage? We have some siding and roof damage but Jen's having her sister's boyfriend do it. We've had lots of people stop buy with their information. Did Husband get much work?