Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Still Pregnant

I went to the doctor today for my weekly check up. 33 2/7 weeks -- and she said I had to stay pregnant. I asked her again if she could take this baby out, and once again she told me no. So I'm going to ask her again next week. Eventually I'll wear (not sure if this is the correct wear) her down and she'll take this baby out. I guess it's okay at the moment, I don't have much ready for the baby. I haven't washed her clothes yet and I haven't bought a Coming Home From the Hospital outfit. I don't even have any diapers either. My big plan for the weekend besides, Father's Day and Husbands birthday are to get a little more ready for the Babe, or Butch as KM calls her.

I suppose I should at the very least make a list of things I want at the hospital. That way, I have a list to go off of for packing, or I can make Husband do it. I also need to have Husband make the changing table. He's probably waiting for me to design it first.

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