Tuesday, June 03, 2008

KM the Construction Man

Here is KM all dressed up and ready for work.

Saturday KM and Husband were working in the yard. They had all kinds of 'chores' to do. When Husband told KM they had work to do, KM corrected him and let him know that they had 'CHORES' to do. KM came in the house to get his hat and I set him down to put his shoes on the right feet. He quickly pointed out that his shoe was broken. The toe had a small hole in it. He said "That's cuz daddy and I are working too hard."

"Mommy, we went to the rock store." (also known as the green house to get rock.)

"We went to the gum ball store too." (also known as ACE Hardware.)

Husband and KM were digging up some grass to put down fabric and rock instead. They had all the grass dug out and asked me to come and look at it. Then they went to the Gum Ball Store to get fabric to put down. It was KM's job to hand Husband the poker poker's (the stakes that hold down the fabric). KM didn't understand what the poker's and the fabric were for. He thought it was kind of a like a game. He kept poking them anywhere he wanted in the fabric making lots of holes for weeds to grow though. Finally I explained to him that the poker's only go on the outside. He would then line up 4-5 pokers along the edge in one spot. A little over kill, but at least the middle was finally hole free. This is after we had to put down 2-3 layers of fabric because the one under for some reason had holes in it.

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Antie JoJo said...

He is such a good helper.