Tuesday, April 22, 2008

You need a license to drive, but not to breed?!

Last night I had to go to a driving class. I was pulled over for speeding, and instead of making me pay the full ticket amount, they let me take a driving class. The class is 2 hours long and is $75.00. I'm sure the ticket would have been at least $130.00. Saved some money, but the nice part is after the class is over, as long as you stayed until the end, the shred your ticket and it doesn't go on your record. These are some of the comments I had to put up with during the 2 hours.

Stupid Human #1-So if you have whiskey plates can they pull you over?
Officer Butch -- If you are speeding, or something than yes we can pull you over. Do we pull you over just for having whiskey plates? No.
SH #1 -- Oh, really. You can still get pulled over with whiskey plates.
(This dumb ass thought that if you had whiskey plates, for some reason it gives you a year pass at not being pulled over).

SH #2 -- Did you know that in Arizona when you renew your license it's good for 30 years?
(This doesn't sound so stupid, until you know that we weren't even talking about licenses, or renewals or anything closely related. He just felt the need to tell everyone.)

SH #3 -- How come when you pull people over, you don't pull them over in to a parking lot or something?
(We were discussing the Tom Foss Law -- a law that protects officers who have people pulled over on the side of the road. It says, if there is a lane available, drivers MUST move over a lane to give the officer more room. Tom Foss was killed on the road side while he had someone pulled over.)
OB -- Um, because we are not driving the other vehicle.
SH #3 -- Well, why don't you tell them to pull over somewhere else.
OB -- Sometimes we are on the freeway and there isn't a parking lot, plus we don't have control over where they pull over.
SH #3 -- Cuz when I pull over, I pull WAY over, I mean like, WAY over to the side of the road, like in the ditch almost. I really mean WAY over. It just seems like it would be a good idea if you pulled them over somewhere else.
(What dip shit #3 doesn't quite get is that Officer Butch, or any officer is not actually driving the other car as well, so when someone pulls over to the side of the road, he doesn't' get to chose where they pull over.)

(Great, no one gives a rat's ass that you have seen this 30 second clip!)

SH #4 -- My son came home from school and they told him that if he gets pulled over and he has his cell phone on him, and it's in his pocket, but it's turned on, the officer can ask to see it and give him a ticket.
OB -- If we pull him over for something, we'll give him a ticket for that, we're not going to ask to see his cell phone. We can't prove that it was on or off. Plus we don't care. If he was taking on it, then we can ticket him for that because he's under 18.

I swear the dumber just keep getting dumber. I was ready to strangle someone at the end of the class. Did you all get together and see who could come up with the dumbest questions to ask during class to make it as miserable as possible?? The class really wouldn't have been bad without all the douche bags asking stupid questions and making stupid comments. Next time, I'll seriously consider paying the whole ticket, just to keep my sanity.

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