Monday, March 26, 2007

GRRRRR Sisters

Friday night, we had some friends over, ate dinner, nothing to exciting. Saturday, took KM to Gup-pa's house so we could go to a wedding. The wedding was for a friend of mine (who is also my bosses sister, and she used to date my brother) but over all I would consider her a friend first when introducing her. I digress. My husband and I, along with my mom and sister were all invited. Husband went to the ceremony with a little complaining, but he went. Then after that, he wanted to go home, before we ate. We had a little spat over it and he left. I rode with my mom and sister to the reception.

The reception was shaping up to be really fun. Food was really good, especially the mashed potatoes and gravy! YUM!! My sister and mom didn't know too many people there. I knew a few more, from having been at a few of the family things that they do. But over all, it was a little awkward, but really NOT that bad. Shortly after dinner, my sister gets a text message from a friend of hers about a party at a friends house. She says "I knew this would happen, that if I can to this, there would be something better to do at home." Pretty bitchy I think. People only get married once in a lifetime and our friend Amis (the bride) has been living out of state for 6-8 months. So we hardly ever get to see her, much less hang out. But my sister had things that were SOOO much more important.

The night moves on, and I have a few more drinks and dance, my normal routine at a wedding. I had no idea they wanted to leave, no one ever said anything to me. At some point during the evening, my sister called my husband and told him he need to come and get me because they were leaving. OK, maybe you should tell someone that you want to leave and then the group can make a decision from there. She had to call and bitch at my husband, and it was all because there was something funner going on somewhere else. TOO FUCKING BAD! You should have stayed your ass at home then, "just in case" something else cooler were to come up. I fucking hate her some days. She is a whiny, stuck up, spoiled, self centered little brat, and I mean that, and those words will be here for all of time. She pisses me off and I am getting sick of her poor me attitude.

She wants everyone to feel sorry for her because my dad won't buy her a car, meanwhile she has no job to put gas in it. But she says she can't get a job because she doesn't have a car. I bet there are about 10 million Americans without cars, that are working RIGHT NOW. But what the fuck do I know. Her big argument is The Monkey's Momma (ME) got a car from dad when she was 16 -- lest you forget, or block out of your stupid mind, is the fact that I had a job when I was 13, and continued to work even before I had a car or license. I won't lie, I got a lot of things in life most people do with out, but I also worked a lot and earned or paid for some of those things myself. I am so sick and tired of listening to her whine about her no car situation, but will do NOTHING to change it. Hey Sister, that horse is DEAD, stop beating it!!!!!!! No one gives a shit that you don't have a car, and the more you whine about it, the more people DON'T want to help you change it.

I have a small nugget of news that I haven't shared with her yet, but am really thinking I should. My dad just bought a new car for their nanny. I don't have the time or energy to go into why this is SUCH a big deal in our family. But trust me when I tell you, sister would LOSE HER MIND if she found this out. I think she deserves to know about it, but if I am the one to tell her, then I have to listen to her cry about it for, well let's just say I'll have to hear about it for the rest of my life. I don't have that kind of time. So for now, I talk to Husband about it and we laugh. I know it's not nice, but she hasn't been all that nice lately either, and I am tired of it.

She is on the shit list from KM's birthday party. Her and her boyfriend broke up and she couldn't come because she was sad and didn't want our dad or brother to say anything to her, and she knew she would blow up and yell at them. Get over yourself. You have ONE nephew and ZERO nieces, and he has a birthday ONE time a year, sorry to inconvenience you by trying to celebrate it. Next time we'll try to make sure your silly high school romance is on solid ground before we go planning something that has NOTHING to do with it.


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