Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I No Know!

Kyler Kermit has been too funny lately.

Where's daddy?? "I no know"

Where's Amma?? "I no know"

Where's Uncle Jake?? "I no know"

His other newest saying has included the word "seebin' " (sleeping), "Mommy, Daddy seebin'. "

He is big into repeating anything that you say. In honor of election day, and taking him to vote with us, daddy tried to teach him to say "I voted." It came out "I boo, boo-ed". It was really funny watching him try so hard to repeat it.

He also has been working on hitting the ball with the bat. He can hit it on the floor golf style, but lately dad has been holding it in the air and dropping it just as KM swings the bat. He makes contact and it really whizzes across the room. Then he sets the bat down to clap at him self.

Do they get any cuter?? Maybe I am still missing him a little, we just got back from San Francisco. We were gone for 5 days over the weekend and he stayed home.

More on the Excellent Adventures in SF soon...

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