Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Honey Bunny Bear

Kermit is not feeling so well since last night when I picked him up from Fi Fi's (daycare), which normally I would worry a little but since Todd isn't feeling the best either, I figure it's the same bug. But I actually liked it last night, there was lots of cuddle time on the couch. He really wanted me to hold him and rub his back. It was also my job to grab his bee-bee (blankey) and his bubu's (sippy cup).

Since he has started moving around (about 5 months old) he hasn't wanted to sit still and snuggle with mama. But I miss it, that's what babies are for, is cuddling. So I was happy as a clam. Then after bath time, which was incredibly short since he wasn't feeling well, I got to sit on the couch again with my very clean smelling baby.

How I miss the days when he didn't move as much. I really enjoy him at this age. He is really starting to talk and put thoughts together, but when ever he wants to sit still, it's usually by dad, so I get no snuggles.

He kept saying my name last night, I was starting to wonder if he thought I left or something. We we sitting on the couch and his head was lying on my chest and he would say "Mama?", "Yes, Honey Bunny Bear", "Mama?", "Yes, Honey Bunny Bear" -- this would repeat for about 5 more times. Then he would give up for a while and then start again.

Oh, how I love that little boy!

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