Friday, November 10, 2006


Why does he need to get so grouchy about me going out with a friend? A girl, friend, he knows her almost as well as I do, been friends with her for YEARS, only get to see her once in a while, we mostly talk and eat dinner. Don't get wild and crazy, and it's my birthday! Why, Why, Why does he get so sassy pants on me?? It's not like I am never around. I rarely go out with friends or do things with out the babin'. And did I mention it was my birthday the other day. And she wants to take me out.

GRRR! He acts like it's the end of the world because I want to hang out without him around. Or maybe it's because he's on babin' duty. I don't know and I don't understand. He says he's "Fine" and that he's not crabby. But he is, I can tell, wives know this stuff. It's like he tries to make me feel guilty for not coming home right after work. Well BULL SHIT!

Why do I need to worry about what he thinks anyways. Because he's my husband that's why and I do have to live with him. We (my friend and I) have had this planned for weeks, and I told him about it the day we planned it. Told him he had to pick up the babin' from daycare. It was fine then. But last night it was anything but fine. So pissed off I am!

I just want to go out, have a good time and go home to the babin' and the hubby, but now... I don't know.

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