Monday, December 15, 2008

Head Colds are for the Birds

I hate being sick. I hate even more when you sound sick but feel okay. I have a head cold. My nose is stuffed up, yet is runny. I sound like I should be near death. I'm tired and want to lay down. But I actually feel pretty ok. I've been on the phone this morning and everyone tells me I sound terrible. I also have a stupid pathetic cough that sounds like I'm faking it. I'm a mouth breather now too, because of the stuffed up nose.

This weekend, we had Weo come over to our house. Friday night we took the monkey's to my Dad's house. Then we picked them up, +1 (Weo) and went back to our house. KM and Weo played and played and played somemore. They are "best friends". Or as Weo likes to say it sometimes, "KM we're Best My Friend." The tore the house apart, then picked it up (Ok I made them pick it up). Then the tore it apart again. They made forts, and played CARS, they watched the movie, they watched Sponge Bob and The Fairly Odd Parents. They were up until almost 11. I know, I know I should have made them go to bed, but I had them snuggled in on the couch at about 8.30 or 9 with all the lights off and I thought they would just go to sleep. I thought wrong. Sunday they were both super helpful. They both wanted to feed the Princess. They took turns holding her bottle. Then we packed them all up and headed East to Grandpa and Grandma's.

We dropped them off and Husband and I went to each lunch. After lunch we decided it was maybe time to get on the Christmas shopping. You know since we hadn't started yet and it is only 11 days until Christmas. So we hit Costco, Target and Office Max. We walked in to Office Max at 36 degrees F, and 15 minutes later walked out to 22 degrees F, and an iced over parking lot. We decided it was time to go home. Especially since we'd have to put our kids in the truck and drive with all the other crazies on slippery roads.

We got home and unpacked, ate dinner and I was out cold (ha ha get it) by 8.30. This head cold is kicking my butt. I have ZERO energy for anything besides surviving. It's all I can do to get out of bed in the middle of the night to feed the Princess.

I'm hoping it goes away soon. I'm gonna need all my reserves to make thru Christmas. I am so far behind and have NO Christmas spirit this year. Which makes me feel even worse, because it's the Princess' first Christmas and I want it to be special. I need to kick it in gear.

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