Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Random Weekend

Today was one of those days that needed to happen around here. I had been neglecting the laundry, the dishes, the house cleaning. We had a busy week last week, and I just couldn't bring myself to do the mundane. So today was catch up day. KM and I came home from staying at Amma's and got to work. We even had time to make killer meatloaf. Even after all of the house cleaning, I still couldn't get Husband to say something nice about it. I had to ask him if he liked it. This drives me crazy. I don't need big production, but a simple, Thanks for doing that, or the house looks good, would have been nice. Plus I was watching 2 kids all day while I had to try and get it done. Lucky for me KM was a HUGE help. He likes to be a big helper and do "chores."

He is the super cutes big brother. He is constantly kissing and hugging her telling her "you're so sweet." Friday I called Amma to talk, but asked KM if he wanted to talk to his sister (she was squirming and making some noise so he could hear her). I put the phone up to her, and he was on the other line, she started to cry, so I pulled the phone away so I could pick her up and I could hear him on the other line "It's okay, It's okay." He was saying it in the most soothing voice, just like I would say it.

There was also a bit of drama this weekend with one of our friends B and his girlfriend. She tried to kill herself, but really I think it was huge attention getter. The worst part of the whole thing, she did it while her 3 year old son was in the house with her. I have NO time for people who do shit like this. If you want to kill yourself, go ahead. But are you not smart enough to think about your son first?! It's a bunch of shit, a bunch of drama, and I kind of think the reason she needed so much attention was because our friend was smoking. Because this is the kind of thing you kill yourself over. I wasn't there, and I haven't talked to her, but I know she is a bit of a drama queen and a control freak. This had nothing to do with, ending her life because she couldn't take it anymore, and everything to do with "B will realize how much he loves me and change his ways when he sees what it's like to almost lose me." I'm just irritated with the whole situation. I think she deserves to lose her son. I don't know if he would be better off in another home, just because it's a lot of adjustment for a 3 year old, but people like her don't deserve to have kids. At the very least, her parents should get him. I'm done with her. B I'll still talk to, but her, she just lost a friend. People who are that self centered deserve everything they get in life, and what she just got was one less friend and client.

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