Friday, August 22, 2008

Introducing Queen Monkey

She is the most beautiful girl I think I have ever seen. It doesn't hurt that she looks EXACTLY like me! She has a ton of black hair and blue eyes. Everyone says she has my eyes and that they sparkle like mine. I really like this comment. I think my eyes are one of my best features, and to know that she has them too, is so wonderful. KM thinks she is great. He loves being a big brother. He also loves it when I tell him "he's in charge." He has to watch her and tell me if she cries when I go to the bathroom, or into the other room for a minute. He is always asking if she can come and lay by him. He likes to watch cartoons in our bedroom and the basket she sleeps in is on the bed. So when we are watching TV in the living room he would rather that she lay in the basket by him. He talks to her all the time and calls her a "little rascal."

About a week after we came home, we were eating lunch and she was in the bedroom in her bassinet, and she made a noise. So KM said he would go and check on her, to see if she needed her nookie. He was only gone for a few minutes, but it seemed like forever when they were alone. Husband looked at me and said "You don't think he's trying to pick her up do you?" I said I don't think so but I'll go and check. So I walked in to our room and there he was, stool pulled up next to the bassinet so he could sit and watch her. He was leaning on his arms, just looking at her. It was the most precious moment. I took a picture of them. I have this same picture, from when I came home from the hospital, of my brother lovingly looking at me the same way. I'll never forget how sweet he looked, just looking at her.

She is the most perfect addition to our family.

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