Friday, June 08, 2007

KM new words

    • Beggy Ache -- Belly Ache

    • You pitty's? -- Are those your pretty's (hair things)?

    • Fordy Wee-were -- 4 Wheeler

    • Daddy some pot corn too? -- He was lying, saying Dad wanted some more popcorn, when really it was KM who wanted more.

    • I Muss Oooo Amma -- I miss you Amma.

    • Gampa, Gupa, Papa JB, Gampa Mark -- there are all differnt people

    • Me some too? -- Can I have some?

    • Damn It! -- Well, what can I say, he's a quick learner! This is used in correct context of when you would actually shout it.

    • Backhoe at Rogers house -- Our friend had there backhoe over at our house, and then moved it to the town of Rogers, KM calls it Roger's house, we even stop by on the way home and see him work at "Rogers house"

    • Bobtat -- bobcat, he can drive all by himself, just needs to sit on someone's lap to reach the controls.

    • ****** UPDATED ******** 6/8/07
    • You break you teeth daddy, You get a new one?!
    • Dat's enough?
    • Can't see ober der -- I can't see over there.
    • I did -- KM, you need to eat your dinner, his standard answer, "I did". Do you have stinkin pants -- "I did".

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