Friday, June 08, 2007

This won't last long..

Husband has been out of town the last few days, with the boys at an auction in 'Ca-go (as KM calls it, everyone else refers to it as Chicago). The had plenty of fun, actually probably more than they should have. While he has been gone KM has wanted to snuggle at bedtime. He goes to bed as usually with no fuss, but then wakes up a few times wanting Mama. So I go in there and pick him up. He just wants to be held for a few mintues. It's so nice to hold him and snuggle a bit. Then I sing a song and he goes back to bed. I will miss these days in the future. He is so warm and cuddly.

Last night we had our friends over for dinner. The 3 goof balls who went to 'Ca-go, Keg-gie, Nafan and KM and I. When we were eating they were giving each other crap about the trip. Singleton was watching out the window and a girl ran by. He said he might have to take up jogging and pretended to leave the table. Husband told him to "Go get some", then KM started in and kept saying "Go get some, Go get some, Go get some..." It's a lot funnier when a 2 year old is telling you to get some.

KM has started talking to himself. It is so cute to watch. He thinks no one is paying attention or listening. He talks in more than one voice. He asks dad if he wants some nummies, then "dad" answers in a deeper voice, and they have a conversation while eating their nummies. I could sit and watch him talk to him self for hours. The are so precious and innocent and cute at this age. I mostly wish he would never grow up past this age. Except maybe for the potty training part.

Everything he does lately I have been trying to pay extra close attention to it. I know the days of his cuteness and baby-ness, and innocence are numbered and I will have to stretch my mind to remember them. So I have been trying to write more things down and to use the video camera more. It's a work in progress, but I am taking the steps in the right direction to preserve his youth.

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