Monday, February 26, 2007

Happy To You!

Kermit turned 2 on Friday. He is the most adorable thing EVER! On Thursday night, we were on our way home from daycare and I was singing Happy Birthday to you, to him, and he kept saying "Mo Happy To You now mommy" and by Mo he means More. So we sang it about 15 more times before we had to move on to singing "Mo Ducky Wuddle now" (Little Ducky Duddle).

Saturday we went to a bridal shower, in the crappy icy rain that was falling, but couldn't stay too long as we had to get back for naps and his own birthday party. We had a few people cancel with the foot of snow that was falling, but most everyone showed up. We even had some over night guests. 6 to be exact. Which was interesting, because we only have 1 guest room (who needs more than one in house -- I guess we do now), we have 2 couches, 2 love seats and 1 Aero bed. It was a full house. We stayed up too late, including the little ones. Kermit was up until 1.45 AM! This is unheard of. He has a strict 8 pm bedtime. Then he was up again by 7.30 am Sunday morning. We made breakfast and had a good time relaxing.

Probably the biggest event of the weekend was not that he turned 2, or that my husband had to drive a 2 hour round trip to get the cake (which he fully admits was COMPLETELY worth it after tasting it), or the fact that Kermit was a party animal. It was that he got his first hair cut on Sunday. One of our friends to spent the night brought her cutting stuff with for the sole purpose of giving him a hair cut. One I have been pushing off for as long as I could. He is still my little baby, he still had baby curls and a baby face and baby fine locks. But now he had short man hair and I don't like it, except that he looks really cute. But I will full on admit that I cried and I am still not ready to let go of him being a baby. My husband laughed and laughed and said that it's okay, but it's SO not okay. This to me is like going off to college and I was so not ready to let go. He looks good, but some how in the 10 minutes he sat so still and quiet and so very good, he turned in to a whole nother person. He speech seemed clearer and he seemed to walk a little taller and he seems so much older than 2 and I don't like that. Probably the highlight of the day was that he was really cuddly on the couch and this made it a little better that he is a big boy now. He still needed me to hold him and snuggle him, but it also made me sad that he was no longer the baby I would like to keep him at. Sad that he won't be doing this much longer and eventually he will even hate being seen with me. My poor husband, oh the things he will have to put up with in the future.

Kyler Kermit is 2 and it seems like just yesterday he was wearing the outfit my 5 month old brother came to the party in. This also didn't help letting him be a big boy. He is talking so much and so clear lately and I know it's only going to get better, but I still think back to when he was so small. The difference a year makes. This time last year, he could say mama, dada, and puppy. Now he can say about 200 words, if not more. He walks and runs and jumps and plays hide and seek. He likes to read books and play with trains. He wants to go saaping (shopping) and go for rides. He loves it when Amma comes or Gupa, or Papa JB. He wants to see Cuncle Dake and cries when he leaves. He barely knew these people a year a go (at least he didn't know their names or even really by sight). He wants to play baaaball (baseball) and run and chase. He loves to squeal and knows he goes to Wickty's house every day.

It doesn't really make me want to have another one, as much as it makes me miss all the things I probably won't remember, which really only makes me sad. We hurried him throughbaby-ness and now I regret it a little. We wanted him to roll over right away, and sit up and stand and walk and talk, and now he does so many things on his own, and I feel like I missed so much of him being a baby. I didn't savor it. Why did I push him so hard to learn to sit up, what if he really didn't want to yet? What if we never have another baby, he was my only chance and I didn't take the time to lock away those memories? I don't write as many things down as I should and what if I forget everything from his childhood? What if I have NO stories to tell him when he gets older, because I was busy doing something else instead of enjoying him for being him? Maybe this is why I am not ready to have him be a big boy, because I am not done having my baby around. I guess I will just have to try harder to make sure he knows that his childhood was all that I could make it be.

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Auntie Jolene said...

I'm sorry I missed his birthday party. Mom told all about it. She said that Kylynn had a wonderful time playing with Kyler and was full of kisses for everyone. He's getting so big so fast. I hate that I'm missing all of Kylynn's growing up. She's talking and learning more words all the time. Kyle apparetly is working on Auntie pretty hard. She actually called dad the other day. I'm missing it all. It sucks. I feel your pain.